An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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Retailing In The New Age

Endeavoring to make sense of recessionary market forces is a group of former executives who have banded together to form the Swimming Pool Retail Academy (SPRA), an entity which is trying to first understand the challenges of selling in this market, and then to help solve them through education.

How Swimming Pool Retailers Can Thrive In The Internet Age

More and more consumers are using the Internet to research and make pool-related purchases. What does this mean for traditional pool retailers? And how can they stop losing market-share and customer loyalty while improving their business?

Retailing saunas in a tough economy

For some hot tub retailers, saunas have recently provided a bright spot in an otherwise laggard market.

Retailing saunas can add a welcome boost in sales

At a time when many dealers are looking for products that can add to the bottom line, saunas are providing some retailers a welcome lift in sales revenue.

Be successful at retailing spa steps and surrounds

Spa accessories may not be your biggest money makers, but they are an important source of income. And if marketed the right way, not only will they bring in extra dollars, but they'll keep the store traffic steady.

Retailing spa fragrances and salts

While the impulse purchase and the sample giveaway are solid and time-tested ways to sell and increase awareness of spa scents, they're just a couple of the strategies manufacturers suggest for retailing spa fragrances and salts.

Retailing gazebos requires them to be seen on the showroom floor

Even though not every portable spa client is ready to buy a gazebo when they purchase their hot tub, it's important to plant the seed by showing at least one, explicitly offering them and explaining the benefits gazebos offer.

Retailing spa and hot tub skirts and surrounds

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Be that as it may, over the years most beholders of portable spas have found little to delight the eye — especially with the cover down. While it may be difficult to make a portable spa beautiful on the outside, it can blend harmoniously into a backyard.

State Of The Industry: Retail Still on the Rebound

Survey respondents were generally optimistic about 2012 and beyond. Said one dealer in the Lone Star State: "I believe people are just tired of being afraid to spend any money."

Houston pool and spa retailer reveals tips to selling toys and games

Merry Wise, vice president of Wise Pools near Houston, knows how to sell. With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, she's helped turn Wise Pools into a success story. And the secret to her success is no secret at all — its just understanding the market and your place in it.

How To Handle Irate Customers And Look Like a Hero

Customer service is key to success of any business, whether it's a bank or a hot tub store. And dealing with irate customers and solving their problems is a critical element of that service.

How To Green Up Your Retail Store

How exactly do you green a pool and spa store? Do you need to add a rain barrel to the front of the store and photovoltaic panels and a windmill on top? Luckily, it's a lot simpler than that.

The 4 types of retail customers

People tend to fall into four basic behavioral types when it comes to buying a service or product.

Why retail pool toys and games

Sports-based equipment and games are more than ever an important part of consumers' backyard resorts and there's a real opportunity to enhance poolowner satisfaction through any number of lifetime sports adapted for the pool.

Bob Dooley On Spa and Pool Retail

Q & A with retailer Bob Dooley.

The Semi-Inground Model Opens A New Market

While the pool is a literal halfway point between inground and aboveground, it's also growing in popularity in a new niche market: the inbetweeners.

Your Loyal Fans

What makes your retail customers loyal to you? This groundbreaking study finds the answer — and so much more

SOI 2013: Retail

Retailers say 2013 could be the strongest year since the recession.

Blissful Blogging

One of the leading hot tub retailers tells us about her blog and how it helps her business.

Workers' Comp: Changes and New Strategies

Policies for workers' compensation are changing — what's it mean for you? Read up on the changes and see how you can streamline workers' comp at your company.

"Pool-Ups" Strengthen Sales

How upselling and cross-selling can boost your bottom line.

The Servant Leader

For the industry to survive, we need to follow the mantra of the "servant leader."

Smart Retail 2.0

Software options save retailers precious time while boosting profits.

Some Like it Hot: How to Sell More Saunas

Take a look at sauna products and see how other retailers have increased sauna sales.

How to Prepare for Disaster

Say a hurricane floods your town. A tornado rips through your area. Do you have a business plan in place? Follow this advice and be prepared for the worst cast scenario.

The Big Chill

Time to start closing pools and spas? To help make the job easier, check out these winterizing products.

Goodbye, Yellow Book Road

After leaving the Yellow Pages behind, this retailer's business tripled in size.

Think Outside Your Box

Retail events can mena more sales leads and a good time for all.

The Art of D.O.N.E.

Follow the D.O.N.E. system and improve your overall sales performance.

Mechanical Maids

We take a look at the new and updated automatic pool cleaners on the market.

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