An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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Taking Initiative In a Pandemic

The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance is doing everything it can to ensure members continue to thrive during the pandemic and after.

A Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Fights Back

Implementing technology into your showroom can increase sales and enhance the overall customer experience.

Selling APCs in an Online World

Retailers share best practices for selling automatic pool cleaners in today’s market.

How to Get Into the Swim Spa Business

Simple rules for success in selling swim spas.

Partner With a Pop-Up Restaurant

A pop-up event is a fun and responsible way to increase store traffic.

The Best Year In History

Bil Kennedy of Pkdata explains why 2020 will turn out to be the best year in pool and spa history.

Dashing Through a Covid Winter

Pool and spa retailers share new thinking to prepare for a different off-season than years past.

Retail Forecast 2021

The new year will provide reasons to celebrate.

A Successful Crossing

This successful family business sale offers helpful tips for those contemplating the same feat.

Delivery, At Your Service

A successful delivery service led this retailer to shut down one of its retail outlets.

How to Reach Millennials

Learn to motivate your younger employees, so they stick around.

Mentoring: Keep Your Crucial Skills In-House

In addition to keeping valuable expertise in-house, mentoring can help your business in lots of ways.

A Rich History, A Bright Future

National Pools of Roanoke has gained national recognition for its retail sector.

Family Business Survival

Protect your family business from disaster.

What's in the Works at Cedar Works?

Despite being a small operation, this spa dealer has earned one of the bigger names in the industry.

An Alliance to Sell Spas

New England Spas has formed a unique partnership program with its neighboring dealers, with the goal to sell more spas.

Re-Linking the Pool/Spa Chain

How some pool and spa companies are dealing with product shortages.

A Retail Rundown

Spa dealers report how the 2021 season went, share what their offseason will look like — as well as predictions for the new year.

Retail Forecast 2022: Choppy Waters, Favorable Winds

Retailers face a more challenging operating environment in 2022, but core retail sales are expected to increase.

6 Retail Pitfalls to Avoid

Avoid these retail pitfalls to better your pool and spa business.

How We're Dealing With Inflation

Retailers share how price inflation has impacted their businesses and what they’re doing about it.

Hiring, Managing, and Leading People in the Pool and Spa Industry

Hal Denbar shares his strategies for hiring, managing and leading people in pool service.

A Crystal Clear Commitment to Customers

With almost 60 years in business, Crystal Pools leans on traditional retailing pillars of service.

Follow a Swim Spa Sale From Start to Finish

Helpful tips and trick to increase your swim spas sales and grow your confidence in the niche category.

Calm Returning to the Torrid Pool/Spa Market

The great surge is seen to be cresting as backlogs and lead times taper.

Consolidation in Retail: Watson's Buys Allstate Home Leisure

The sale marks a major acquisition for Watson’s, one of the nation’s largest retailers of home recreation products.

Shoot for the Stars

Galaxy Home Recreation shares best practices to manage rapid retail growth, having grown substantially over the pandemic period.

Subcontractors vs In-House Talent, Which Is Better

The pros and cons of hiring in-house talent vs subcontractors.

A Cold You’ll Want to Catch

The ice bath market is growing as health-conscious consumers learn the benefits of cold water therapy.

When Business Slows and It Snows

Tips and tricks for pool salesmen/designers in the winter season.

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