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The rise of variable speed pumps and enhanced motor technology have completely changed the pool and spa industry by maximizing energy efficiency and cutting the costs of pool ownership. In this section, you can ready up on pump service, selection and sales.



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Technically Speaking: Variable-Speed Motors

Variable-speed-drive pump and motor technology has changed the way the pool and spa industry thinks about energy efficiency. Gone are the days when builders, servicers, pool operators and homeowners had only one, two or perhaps three speeds available to power circulation systems.

What's The Difference Between VFDs and VSPs?

Mark Caldwell Explains the difference between VFDs and VSPs.

Upgrading Pool Equipment For Energy Savings

There over 10 million commercial and residential pools, most of them hemorrhaging energy and money. This is a great opportunity.

Should You Fix A Broken Pump Or Just Replace It?

Today's consumer is more likely to opt for replacing a faulty motor or other piece of equipment if doing so extends their warranty coverage or otherwise increases the return on their investment.

Energy Efficiency In Pool Building

Creating pools, spas and other aquatic features that maximize energy efficiency first requires understanding a number of basic truths about the way these systems utilize electricity and energy for heating, explains Dave Peterson, owner of Watershape Consulting (Solana Beach, Calif.)


What's all the hubbub about oversized pumps?

Pool pump efficiency is profitable

In some states, efficient pumps and circulation systems are a mandate. Elsewhere, they're just a great idea, profitable for sellers, consumers and the country as a whole.

Pump Surgery

Other than the pool shell itself, there's no more critical component of a pool system than its engine of circulation, the pump. Making pump replacement efficient, then, is equally critical to a service company's health.

Green Power From The Big Yellow

One of the greenest and most innovative new products to reach the pool and spa industry in recent years is a solar filtration pump from Lorentz, a German company that specializes in solar-powered pumping systems.

Shining a Light on Energy Star

While the Energy Star program was launched in 1992, only recently has the pool industry joined in with Energy Star-certified pumps. Here's how it happened.

Maximizing Pool Efficiency

As a long-time education advocate for the pool and spa industry, Steve Gutai, director of trade marketing for Zodiac Pool Systems, is on a crusade to teach industry professionals how to maximize energy efficiency.

Selling Variable Speed

A service pro explains how he gets more customers on thevariable-speed bandwagon.

Solar & VSP: Better Together

This pump retrofit combines technologies to powerful effect.

TEFC Pumps: Shelter from the Storm

Despite the expense, a TEFC pump is, for many climes, the ideal choice for the backyard.

Pump Replacement Made Easier

Industry pros share their tips and tricks to facilitate the pump replacement process.

Lawful or Successful

Title 20​ has been the law in California for nine years​, ​but ​some ​still ​ignore the law ​on pump replacements.

Conserve and Protect

A new standard is designed to help conserve water and protect the industry from overregulation.

Why Pool Pumps Overheat — And What You Can Do to Stop it (Part I)

Is your pool pump running too hot? What it means and what to do next.

Why Pool Pumps Overheat — And What You Can Do to Stop it (Part II)

In the second half of our series, we address how to troubleshoot overheating pumps.

The Pump Law of Unintended Consequences

An Arizona efficiency law has an unexpected side effect: a growing reconditioned pump market.

Industry Figures Urge Readiness for New Pump Standards

A close examination of the new pump standards and how they could affect you.

Pump Troubleshooting for Pool Openings, Part 1

In the first of a 2-part series, expert Steve Goodale lists common problems found in pumps when opening pools.

Pump Troubleshooting for Pool Openings, Part 2

What to do when a pump starts and fails.

What You Need to Know About APSP-16 and VGB ... It's a Game Changer

APSP Standard 16 is changing — we share what's new and who is impacted most.

66 Million Gallons of Crystal Clear Water: How Do They Do It?

How do these pools manage to maintain 66 million gallons of cystal clear water?

Finding Efficiencies

No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.

Understanding Energy-Efficient Filtration

How filter sizing and selection influences hydraulic efficiency — it’s trickier than you might think.

An Experiment in Energy Efficiency

A study demonstrating the additional savings and benefits you can obtain by combining variable-speed pumps with enhanced hydraulic efficiency.

Getting the Gunk Out

How does flow rate factor into the development of biofilm?

Taking Pumps Off the Shelves

In less than two years, new federal regulations will eliminate many of the pool pumps sold today.

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