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Every year, AQUA sends out a survey to our readership, asking how their businesses fared and where the industry is headed. That information is compiled into our annual State of the Industry issue. If you're looking to get a leg up, or see what's coming down the pipeline, start here.



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SOI Builder Voices: Greg Howard

Q & A with Greg Howard, CEO of Carecraft

APSP's Bill Weber On The State Of ThePool Industry - 2012

Q & A with Bill Weber, president and CEO of APSP

SOI Builder Voices: Mike Farley

Q & A with Mike Farley, Claffey Pools, Texas

State Of The Industry: Retail Still on theRebound

SOI Retail 2012: Though the housing market still stinks, too many people are out of work and consumer confidence is shaky, the Great Recession is over.

State Of The Industry: Service - The Star of the Recession

As we open the swimming season in 2012, the overall health of the service industry is good, and there is reason to hope it will get even better.

The State of The Industry: Builders Moving Forward

The swimming pool and spa construction industry made significant gains in 2011, which by all accounts are continuing in 2012.

Aboveground Pool Dealers Talk About Online Competition

One thing that stood out in our State of the Industry survey was the growing chorus of complaints about the unfair advantage online retailers have over their bricks-and-mortar brethren.

State Of The Industry: Slow Recovery For Builders

For many builders in the pool and spa industry, 2010 marked a turning point with numbers going up — though not by much.

State Of The Industry: Service Sector Stays Strong

In 2010 the service sector remained the strongest element of the pool and spa industry by several different measures.

State of The Industry Survey: Retailers Are Slowly Bouncing Back

Fifty-one percent of survey respondents saw sales increase in 2010, a big change over last year, when only 17 percent posted gains.

The 2010 State of the Pool and Spa Retail Industry

AQUA's spa and pool retailer survey painted a picture of a battered-but-notbeaten network of mostly small stores that sell products in relatively modest numbers.

The 2010 state of the pool and spa building industry

The building industry was hit hard by the recession, thanks to a number of variables, most notably a battered and bruised housing market that brought new construction screeching to a halt. The numbers were frightening to look at as they underscore just how bad things really got this past year. But is the worst over?

SOI 2013: Retail

Retailers say 2013 could be the strongest year since the recession.

SOI 2013: Builder

As customers loosen their purse strings, builders see a boost in projects.

SOI 2013: Service

Service professionals continue to hold onto stable revenues.

State of the Industry 2014: Retail, Revving Up!

Each year, we survey pool and spa retailers across the country to learn more about sales, in-store trends, hot products and more. Check out the results of the 2014 survey here!

State of the Industry 2014: Service, Robust & Dynamic

As the recession came and went, the pool and spa industry saw the service sector not only weather the economic climate, but thrive. We surveyed service pros across the country about their businesses — and now, we reveal our findings.

State of the Industry 2014: Builders, Building Momentum

In our ​SOI survey, we asked builders about their revenue, marketing practices, popular choices among customers and more.

Rebound or Retreat? 2014 Will Determine

According to Bil Kennedy, the president of P.K. Data, this year is critical to the future of the swimming pool and spa industry. Find out why.

'Y' We Have Momentum

APSP's Rich Gottwald explains why the millennial generation holds a lot of promise for the pool and spa industry.

2015 SOI Report: Retailers — At The Crossroads

To stay successful in this industry, pool and spa retailers need to do something drastic: embrace the Internet.

2015 SOI Report: Motivating Service Professionals

The top concern for pool service companies? Finding and keeping talented staff members. Here, Dan Lenz, vice president of All Seasons Pools & Spas in Orland Park, Ill., shares how his incentive system keeps his staff motivated and turnover low.

2015 SOI Builder Report: Uprooting Underground Labor

Of the issues impacting the pool and spa construction industry, underground labor remains at the top of the list. We take a close look at the fight against the underground economy and see what measures could potentially curb these unlawful practices.

Does the Future Hold 25 Million New Pools?

Pkdata shares a by-the-numbers look at the market potential for our industry.

What Do Consumers Think About Pools and Spas?

APSP partnered with Gallup to study attitudes about pool ownership. Here are just a few of their findings.

2016 SOI Retail Report: Tempered Confidence

How do pool and spa retailers feel about the pool and spa industry? We share the results of our annual survey.

2016 SOI Builder Report: Building Optimism

What are the biggest challenges pool and spa builders see today? How do they stay on top of education? How do they pitch to potential clients? We share the answers to those questions and more.

2016 SOI Hot Tub Retail Report

What portable spa models are most popular with customers? What features pique their interest? We answer these questions and more in our SOI hot tub report.

2016 SOI Service Report: Service is Where the Action Is

We polled service techs across the U.S. and Canada about their business outlook, their pain points, what they see on the job and more.

2016 SOI Outdoor Living Report

Recent studies reveal shade structures are set to take off among homeowners, millennials in particular.

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