Pool Lighting

Creative lighting can make the difference between an ordinary pool or spa and an extraordinary one. What are the latest trends in lighting? Dive into these stories and find out.


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Light Patterns: A Pool Project With Creative Lighting

For this project, lighting is everything. Here, David Tisherman shares how he used creative lighting to create a poolscape that generates an emotional response.

Know how to install backyard lighting before you start

Some builders underestimate the work that goes into proper lighting. Not Clay Johnson, owner and president of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Here, he shares how his business tackles a lighting project to create a gorgeous outcome.

Bright Ideas

As new lighting products continue to be developed, one indisputable trend emerges: color-changeable underwater lighting is no longer a fancy add-on for only a few select pools. Here, we examine a couple systems that achieve that polychromatic glow.

LED lighting popular choice among pool builders

More builders and customers are choosing LED lighting. Here, we explore the trend and share what you should keep in mind.

Light On Water

If your customers simply want to be able to find the water once the sun goes down, you already know all you need to know about lighting. Throw up a few 150watt floods, and they won't be able to miss it. But where there exists an eye (and a budget) for beauty, a poolscape builder has an opportunity to create art. A few well-placed strokes of radiant gold and alabaster, and the black canvas of night comes alive with shimmering colors.

Brilliant Disguise

Last year, two prominent designers teamed up to design a project for a Greenwich, Conn., customer's front yard.

Lighting And Aquatic Features Go Hand In Hand

Armed with years of experience bringing outdoor spaces to life after the sun goes down, landscape lighting specialist Mike Gambino urges homeowners already investing in beautiful exterior environments to extend their hours of enjoyment with the addition of well-designed lighting systems. And when those properties include pools and spas, he adds, the aesthetic opportunities become far more exciting still.

When It Comes To Pool Lighting, Think Safety First

Any discussion about water and electrical lighting really must include the all-important topic of safety.

Capturing The Texture Of Moving Water With Lighting

Whenever I see moving water elements in a pool or spa design, I always look for ways to exploit the motion with my lighting designs.

Color The Night With Lights

Not so many years ago the options for lighting a swimming pool after the sun set were limited; many people relied on the moon, Tiki torches or plain old incandescent lights.

Why LED Lights are Taking the Industry by Storm

LEDs now account for more than half of the lighting market, and it’s easy to see why: They’re long lasting, energy-efficient and, most important for pool builders, they offer a rainbow of color possibilities. We explain more about the trend.

Illuminating Possiblities

A Long Island landscape lighting designer works to define the outdoor experience at night.

Finding Efficiencies

No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.

LEDs: The New Direction of Pool Lighting

LED lighting fixtures are transforming swimming pool lighting design.

Lessons in Light

Learn the principles of landscape lighting by the water’s edge.

Light Without Wires

The future of pool illumination may belong to induction-powered lights that eliminate the problems of electric current around the pool.


A basic pool is transformed into an extraordinary remodel by installing unique light installations throughout existing landscape.

Brightening The Fiberstars

Learn the benefi ts of replacing Fiberstars systems with LED lights.

Renovation and Lights

Technology is advancing to make lighting upgrades easier.

Pool Lighting Strategies

Award-winning builders share three of their most powerful design tips for spectacular pool lighting.

Reflections and Light

Dimmable pool lights help balance backyard illumination.

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