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The pool’s sister product, the hot tub is more than just a vessel of hot water — it’s a gateway to relaxation, improved health and better relationships between the people who spend time in them. For dealers looking to get more hot tubs out the door, study up on these articles.


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Open House At Hot Tub Store Draws Hordes

Mike Hughes is the owner of Firemaster, a pool and spa builder and retailer in Evansville, Ind. AQUA spoke with him recently about a wildly successful sales event his company held that increased enthusiasm among salesmen in addition to reaping big revenues.

Product Focus: The Latest Portable Spa Models

The new 2012 portable spas that will have your customers relaxing in no time.

Adventures Abroad - The International Spa Market

Less than a decade ago, overseas spa sales were a mere footnote at the bottom of the balance sheet. Perhaps one in ten spas got a ride on a container ship.

Bob Dooley Sounds Off About Spa And Pool Retail

Q & A with Bob Dooley, president, Lake Norman Pool & Spa, Statesville, NC

Succeed In Spa Sales By Doing What Costco Can't Do

The dedicated, brick-and-mortar spa retailer faces tough adversaries in warehouse stores and internet sites, both of which offer low prices for equipment and chemicals. That's no secret. What is less commonly known are the ways today's successful spa retailers take advantage of the cut-rate competition's weaknesses to remain competitive and keep selling spas in a recession.

Retailing In The New Age

It's no secret that the staggering economy has caused customers to spend money more carefully. Endeavoring to overcome market forces is a group of former executives who have banded together to form the Swimming Pool Retail Academy (SPRA), an entity which is trying to first understand the challenges of selling in this market, and then to help solve them through education. A leader within the group is Larry Bloom, former president and CEO of BioLab.

Two Hot Tub Retailers On Going Green

Pool and spa retailers who want to present their products and business practices as eco-friendly face an uphill battle given what many of the products they sell are made of, and how they're made to work.

Selecting Soothing Settings For Portable Spas

As homeowners demand more from their hot tub systems, manufacturers have responded with almost infinite combinations of jets, seating contours and other elements including lighting schemes and sound systems.

Two Hot Tub Manufacturers Turn To Rotationally Molded Spas

Near the end of 2011, acrylic spa giant Watkins Manufacturing announced that it had acquired the assets of American Hydrotherapy Systems (AHS), makers of the FreeFlow brand of rotationally molded portable spas. The move signaled a shift in philosophy, as Watkins began to focus on a part of the market President Steve Hammock admitted the company had previously given little attention.

Oregon's Sue Rogers Talks About The Hot Tub Industry

In February, Oregon Hot Tub was awarded the Locksin Thompson Dealer of the Year award by Hot Spring Spas. The company was selected from more than 700 dealers worldwide, and Sue Rogers, president of Oregon Hot Tub, couldn't be prouder.

The New Spa Buyer

Retailers need to sell to the world as it is today. They need to understand what has changed in the psyche of hot tub consumers, and how to use that knowledge to help create the most-advantageous commercial environment and the strongest customer relationships.

Retailer Michael Wolf Talks About His Family's Pool And Spa Business

Q & A with retailer Michael Wolf, Wolf Pools & Spas, Waukesha, WI

Jacuzzi and Sundance Introduce UV Hot Tub

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas have added factory-installed UV water purification to their 2012 hot tub models.

Blissful Blogging

One of the leading hot tub retailers tells us about her blog and how it helps her business.

Different Strokes: Swim Spa Sales Strategies

Three retailers share how they sell swim spas.

Best Practices for Extending the Life of a Spa

These are the questions you'll commonly hear from a hot tub owner — and here's how you should answer.

PF: Portable Spas 2013

Looking for a new portable spa to carry? We asked manufacturers to send us info on their new or bestselling spa models — take a look at what they shared in our product roundup.

Put a Lid on It

No matter what kind of hot tub your customer has, these manufacturers have a cover or lifter to go with it.

The History of Hot Tubs

We take a look back at the history of the hot tub industry.

Arctic Exchange: Spa Maintenance in Cold Temps

How to properly drain a hot tub in cold climates.

Selling the Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs boast scores of health benefits. Here, we look at the evidence that proves it.

Attack The Spa's Biofilm Sanctuaries

Biofilm is a pesky, slimy substance often found at the waterline of spas. We examine how it forms and how you can get rid of it.

Spa Controls - Repair or Replace?

When should you fix the spa control system — and when should you replace it entirely?

Step Right Up with Spa Steps, Surrounds and Enclosures

We take a look at the various spa accessories to enhance your customer's spa.

The Spa In Focus

This backyard utilizes a portable spa in a gorgeous installation.

On With the Show!

Planning a big hot tub sale at your dealership? Two experts pass along their advice.

Both Eyes On The End User

This Canadian Jacuzzi dealer has become one of the country's top businesses.

The Hot Tub Rental: A Hot Item

Hot tub rentals offer the chance to "try before you buy" — and often, people do.

Take Cover: 2014 Spa Cover Roundup

Hard top, soft top, custom and more — check out the various hot tub covers on the market.

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