An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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Showrooming: A Bad Thing?

So you spy a customer on their smartphone, using it to compare online prices to yours. Is this really a bad thing?

Superb Summer Staffers

How to hire a great team of summer staff.

Retail Design 101: The 9-Square-Grid Rule

A step-by-step guide to retail store design.

Innovative Marketing

Industry icon Vance Gillette explains why the pool and spa industry needs a marketing overhaul.

Retirement Plans: A Way to Attract Great Employees

In the pool and spa industry, it's hard to find and keep stellar employees. However, you can give yourself a leg up with a strong retirement plan.

Are You a Great Manager?

So you think you're a good manager? Take this quiz and find out.

The Retirement Problem

As a generation of pool and spa pros hit retirement age, many are struggling to find ways to pass on their businesses — and as a result, pros are staying in their jobs longer. Here, two dealers share their stories of succession in the industry.

Using Pinterest for Picture Perfect Profits

Make yourself more "Pinteresting" and snag more sales.

Help Your Customers Buy Your Pool

By offering financing options, you make it easier for a customer to say "yes" to a pool.

If You Want To Last, Put The Customer First

AQUA took a road trip to Wolter Pools and Spas, where co-owners Kim Wolter and Tom Larson shared the secret to long-lasting success: top-notch customer service.

Keep 'Em Coming Back

For pool and spa retailers, customer satisfaction isn't as important as customer retention.

A Wise Succession Decision

Merry and Charles Wise are leaders in the building industry. They're now set for retirement, but to whom are they passing their business? The answer will surprise you.

Protect Your Customers' Data

Be careful with your customer's credit card data — it could be costly if you don't.

There's No Place Like Home Shows

Home shows provide a great opportunity for pool and spa retailers to meet qualified customers. Here, a builder shares her advice for making home shows work for you.

How The Boaters Launched a National Campaign

How did the boating industry plan and release a national marketing campaign? Can we follow in their footsteps?

Step Right Up with Spa Steps, Surrounds and Enclosures

We take a look at the various spa accessories to enhance your customer's spa.

Automatic Pool Cleaners: A Dealer's Best Move

We round up the automatic pool cleaners the industry offers and share a few sales tips from manufacturers.

A Showroom With an Apple Store Twist

After noticing his showroom was a bit dated, this retailer took matters into his own hands with a high-tech makeover inspired by the Apple Store.

Preventing Family Feuds in Your Business

Mixing family and business can result in some messy situations. But planning ahead can prevent headaches later.

On With the Show!

Planning a big hot tub sale at your dealership? Two experts pass along their advice.

Together At Work And At Home

A retailer shares how to avoid conflict at work when your co-worker is your spouse.

Both Eyes On The End User

This Canadian Jacuzzi dealer has become one of the country's top businesses.

State of the Industry 2014: Retail, Revving Up!

Each year, we survey pool and spa retailers across the country to learn more about sales, in-store trends, hot products and more. Check out the results of the 2014 survey here!

Rebound or Retreat? 2014 Will Determine

According to Bil Kennedy, the president of P.K. Data, this year is critical to the future of the swimming pool and spa industry. Find out why.

The Hot Tub Rental: A Hot Item

Hot tub rentals offer the chance to "try before you buy" — and often, people do.

The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing

Want to increase your digital footprint? Follow this advice.

Take Cover: 2014 Spa Cover Roundup

Hard top, soft top, custom and more — check out the various hot tub covers on the market.

Store Design: The Fun-Forward Approach

For these retailers, a bright new look for the showroom has customers buzzing.

Local Hero

Getting involved in your community can improve your sales, customer relationships and public standing.

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