As the main line of defense against water contamination, it’s essential for a pool pro to know the ins and outs of filter media. Which filter is right for your next job? You’ll find out in these articles.


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Understanding different types of filter media

Whether you're a retailer, a builder or a service tech, you probably spend some time with filter media every day. Do you really know what's in that bag? Here's a look at the basics of filter media with an eye to new developments on the horizon.

Sell Them The Right Filter

Which filter is best for a particular job? Which is best for the environment? Is the most environmentally friendly filter necessarily best for every job? We answer all those questions and more.

Is it the Filter's Fault? Probably Not

Often, when pool water is cloudy, fingers point to the filter — but it's not always the filter's fault. Here, we examine the common problems of filtration and how to resolve them.

Pool Filter Media Are Only As Good As The Care They're Given

During peak use in the summers, pools are especially vulnerable to cloudy water, loss of pump efficiency and poor sanitizer performance — problems that can be traced back to filter media. Here are the basics of filtration.

Essential Filtration

Where did filtration systems come from? Here, we step back in time to look at the origins of filtration.

Mobile Filtration Saves You From Having To Drain Pools To Lower TDS

Most pool service technicians are not aware that they have an alternative to draining pool water to lower TDS, calcium, salt and conditioner. That alternative: mobil pool filtration systems. Study up on them here.

Pool filtration: Cellulose fiber gains on DE

Thanks to its biodegradable status and non-toxic makeup, cellulose fiber is popular among customers. Here, we talk to the industry's top cellulose fiber distributors about the fiber's increasing popularity.

The Myth of Filtration Effectiveness

There are some surpising oversights in exising pool codes, especially when it comes to adequate filtration and circulation. In this story, we take a look at what pool codes currently require and what should change.

Are regenerative filters the wave of the future?

A closer look at a waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells reveals that it relies on four regenerative media filters to keep 1.5 million gallons of water safe and clean. Will regenerative filters make a splash on the residential level too?

The Cost Of The (Back)Wash

Water conservation is a hot topic in the industry, something pool equipment companies are well aware of. Here, we look at the different filtration systems and their role in water loss.

Filtration Nation

Builders share their preferred filtration method and why they chose it.

Talking 'Bout Regeneration

As drought conditions continue, regenerative filters offer a green way to keep pools clean.

2014 Filtration Product Focus

Looking for a new filtration system? Take a look at these selections.

Filtering in the Drought

In three crucial markets — California, Arizona and Texas — drought conditions have reached a new level of urgency. Industry professionals need to consider the effect different filtration methods have on pool water usage.

A Good Filter Fit

Choosing the right filter is all about matching the correct product to a given application.

Filtration Nation: Sand Questions

Market-wise, how is sand holding up compared to D.E. and cartridge?

The Dirt on Filter Cleaning

Five seasoned service pros share their tips and tricks for cleaning pool and spa filters.

Sand Filters: Tips for Top Performance

Four service pros share the tips they swear by when working with sand filters.

Time-Saving Cartridge Cleaning Tips

By speeding up your cartridge cleanings, you make more room for other jobs — which can help boost your bottom line.

"You're Doing It Wrong"

Better filtration comes through education, experience.

Filter Basics: Cleaning is Fundamental

An expert walks us through the basics of cleaning filters.

Skimmer Replacement, Part 1

A look at the process, tips and nuances of one of the industry's most common, yet sometimes tricky repairs.

Skimmer Replacement, Part 2: In With the New

A detailed look at completing a skimmer-replacement project.

Filter Media: Glass Gains

Recycled glass is winning filter media converts from sand.

66 Million Gallons of Crystal Clear Water: How Do They Do It?

How do these pools manage to maintain 66 million gallons of cystal clear water?

Finding Efficiencies

No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.

Understanding Energy-Efficient Filtration

How filter sizing and selection influences hydraulic efficiency — it’s trickier than you might think.

An Experiment in Energy Efficiency

A study demonstrating the additional savings and benefits you can obtain by combining variable-speed pumps with enhanced hydraulic efficiency.

Consider the Skimmer

Skimmers may be commonplace, but understanding how they work is key to maintaining water quality and ease of service.

Checking in with RO

Mobile reverse osmosis systems have seen growth in the industry, especially in areas impacted by drought. Now the prospect of permanently installed systems may add another useful facet to the technology’s potential for treating recreational water.


Cleaning water is serious business. Making sure water is safe and clean is not a choice; it’s a MUST!  

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