An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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A High-Scoring Approach

Generate leads in a fun, new way.

Retailers: How to Crush This Pool Season

Tips to increase foot traffic, build loyalty and drive sales.

How to Sell Hot Tubs Through Social Media

Select the right social networks, post regularly and engage with your followers.

Building an Unforgettable Store Experience

Changes at this Tennessee store have revitalized customers' in-store experience.

Developing Talent: Taking the Long View

Finding good help requires looking beyond the usual places.

How Having a Pool Business Affects Family

It's all about striking the right balance.

Is Wellness Working?

Hot tub dealers question if embracing the wellness movement could gain traction among consumers and boost sales.

Make Way, Macy's!

A hot tub retailer moves into a mall location.

Selling as an Exit Strategy

Don't short change your business! Find out what it's really worth when you're ready to retire.

The Better Way to Train New Hires

Tailor training to the individual for a stronger (and happier) workforce.

Swimming Pools: Gone to the Dogs

Industry pros are sniffing out ways to cash in on the booming pet industry.

How a Trust Can Protect a Pool Business

Carefully designed trusts can help protect valuable assets and keep your business thriving.

How to Manage a Challenging Hire

Take a look at some of the frustrating scenarios you might encounter when managing new hires, and what to do about them.

A Legendary Marketing Strategy

Haviland’s new web series started as a fun experiment — but could it help raise our industry’s profile?

Disciplining Your Employees: What to Keep in Mind

Allow room for employees to explain extenuating circumstances and be as understanding and accommodating as you can.

What Would You Do? Non-Compete Agreements

Is a non-compete agreement necessary? Industry pros share their insights.

Big Goals, Small Goals

Help your business reach new heights by setting goals the right way.

2019 Retail Report

2019 promises a robust operating environment, as a growing economy supports more cash register activity. But is a recession on the horizon?

Building an Email List in 2019

An industry marketing expert explains how to upload an email list to Facebook for dirt-cheap conversions.

Creating a Sound Experience

Take a look at the basics of setting up outdoor audio systems.

5 Hot Tub Retail Mistakes — And How to Fix Them

Two retail experts share what turns customers off.

Something Under the Spa, Under $500

Concrete pad alternatives can help sell price-sensitive customers.

What Makes a Good Distributor?

While competitive pricing is important, it almost always comes down to the relationship.

What Would You Do: Time-Off Requests

How do you manage time-off requests and your own vacations during the busy season? Industry pros share their insights.

Upselling Spas in the Internet Age

The modern retail customer feels empowered by online research and less dependent on the salesperson for information. This requires some adjustment.

The Offline Difference

There are advantages smaller shops can leverage against the digital tide.

Make More Money Selling Salt Chlorine Generators

A salt chlorine generator is not just a product you sell and walk away from. Instead, they require ongoing customer support and education, which could lead to a regular stream of profit for your business.

Saunas: The Sensory Experience

Today's sauna is no longer just about the temperature and humidity in the room. It’s becoming a multi-sensory experience.

What Would You Do: Drug Testing

While some employers have a zero tolerance drug policy, others do not implement regulations on recreational drug use if it does not affect job performance.


Learn how to attract, integrate and retain new employees.

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