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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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Questioning the "Three-Bid Rule"

The "three-bid rule" is what clients have been told is the best way to get what they want for the lowest price. But it's not a good model for the pool industry. Here's why, along with another alternative.

Building Eco-Friendly Aquatic Environments

To be a green builder/designer means more than just jumping aboard the eco-bandwagon. It means considering green processes in every step of the process, from design to materials selection and equipment choice. Here's how one builder sees it.

The Power of Simplicity In Pool Building

Beautiful design doesn't have to be elaborate. This company developed a line of pools in simple shapes to accommodate clients who want pools without the bells and whistles.

Energy Efficiency In Pool Building

Maximizing energy efficiency in your backyard project requires thorough knowledge of the basic ways electricity and energy are used for heating. To make things simple, here's a point-by-point breakdown of basic engineering principles.

Better Business Practices Means Better Pool Building

Custom pool design and construction master David Tisherman explains the business behind turning water into art.

Building A Masterpiece Pool In Bad Soil, With Limited Access

In Part I of his 3-part series, design master David Tisherman provides a thorough explanation of one of the most challenging projects of his career.

Building A Masterpiece Pool: Part II

In Part II of his 3-part series, David Tisherman discusses the construction process of one of his most challenging pool projects.

Creating Realistic Backyard Streams And Waterfalls Requires Attention To Fine Details

How do you make backyard waterfalls and streams look realistic? Here, a pond and stream specialist shares his key concepts and techniques.

Swimming On The Edge

This skyscraper in Mumbai is pushing the limits of design with more than 200 apartments and two 37-story towers, and dozens of balcony pools to go with them.

Merry Wise On Pool Building Using Real Rock

Make your project "rock" with the help of natural rock elements. Here are some tips and tricks.

Avoiding the pitfalls of vanishing-edge pool construction

While vanishing edges are gorgeous, there's a lot that can go wrong when constructing. Here, a pro shares the common trouble spots and how to avoid them.

Fitting Beautiful Pools Into Small Spaces

Working in tight spots requires you to consider every inch of space with scrutiny. Here, a builder shares his advice for doing just that.

The Evolution Of Concrete Color In Pools

In the past, color selection for concrete pools was limited to white. Not anymore. Here we look at the various options builders have to inject color into their concrete projects.

Who Are The Pool Design Masters?

Pool design is an art form. But who are the people that will be long remembered for this art form?

Dealing With Customers' Bad Taste In Pool Design

Sometimes your clients have bad taste in design. Do you give them what they want, or speak up and risk losing them? We go inside the debate in this story.

The Desert Deep Purple Project

Thanks to a custom, deep purple pebble finish, this pool looks like a delicious vat of grape jelly. Here, the builder recounts the process for the perfect pigment and perfectly purple pool.

Candidly Learning from Pool Building Mistakes

By learning from our mistakes, we can make the industry stronger.

Five Tips for a Successful Pool Building Consultation

While there are many ways to make your initial consultation a success, these are the five most important strategies I employ when creating a great client relationship.

Fit for Fun

A small space is packed with family-friendly elements and surprises.

Explainer: Geothermal Heating Principles

You can heat or cool a home using energy that's stored in your swimming pool.

Peripheral Pursuits

A designer/builder makes gates and fences an artistic pursuit.

SOI 2013: Builder

As customers loosen their purse strings, builders see a boost in projects.

Renovation to the Rescue!

Formerly a visual blight, this Beverly Hills pool was restored to its sparkling glory.

Edgy Adaptation

As custom pool designs become more daring, automatic cover installations are becomng more ingenious to keep pace.

Pushing the Limits

The challenge to strive for technical excellence while expanding creative boundaries.

Human Touches

Waterfeature designer and installer Jerry Romano creates environments that feature poins of access designed to invite close human interaction.

Vinyl Package Pool Parade

We celebrate the renaissance of the vinyl liner: a new birth of color and form across the backyards of North America.

Surface Synergies

Mastering both gunite and surface material installation made this business stronger.

Beyond the Surface

Tile artist Stephanie Dittrick explains the origins and philosophy of her business, Agape Tile.

Community Pride

A design firm helps a rural town achieve its dream of having an aquatic center.

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