Automatic Pool Cleaners

The automatic pool cleaner revolutionized the industry by making pool care and ownership easier than ever before. Not only that, but the product consistently boasts strong sales — and did so even through the recession.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners Are All The Rage

Though sales have been sluggish in many retail categories in recent years, one pool accessory has provided a crucial revenue stream for dealers across North America — the small but doughty APC. Here's what dealers have to say about how the product has boosted sales.

Customers Can Ease The Stress Of Pool Cleaning With These Easy Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool owners don't want to waste their time manually cleaning their pools — they want APCs! Luckily, there are a lot of great automatic pool cleaners out there to ease the stress of this chore. Check out these offerings from manufacturers.

PG&E: Pool Owners Can Save Money Using Robotic Cleaners

California-based Pacific Gas & Electric conducted a study on automatic pool cleaner efficiency. So, how much money can a pool owner save with an APC? Read on and find out.

Two Service Industry Vets On The Virtues Of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Here, AQUA speaks with a couple of industry veterans about the ways they use APCs in their businesses, how they get homeowners to buy them, and whether robots in pools spell doom for the poolman.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Automatic pool cleaners are a win-win: they allow homeowners to spend more time enjoying their pools and less time cleaning them, and they allow service professionals to do their jobs more efficiently. Here, two service guys share why they love APCs.

Automatic pool cleaners help a pool retailer's bottom line

Despite a struggling economy, APC sales remain strong. Here, dealers share how they've been selling more APCs with varying price poins, visual demonstrations and package deals.

Basic care and maintenance of automatic pool cleaners

While automatic pool cleaners are self-sufficient tools that work wonders on pools across the nation, routine maintenance and care is required to keep them working at maximum capacity. AQUA spoke with the experts themselves — the manufacturers — and got the 411 on keeping an automatic cleaner ready to roll (pun intended) at all times.

Automatic pool cleaner buyers know what they are looking for

What's the state of the automatic pool cleaner? AQUA surveyed eight APC manufacturers about their outlook for the coming year, how the Internet affects brick-and-mortar sales and dealer opportunities. See what they have to say.


Want to know the basics of automatic pool cleaners? Learn more about how others commonly sell them, what to tell customers about them and why service is extra important.

Clean Machines

A roundup of sanitizing equipment.

Automatic Pool Cleaners: A Dealer's Best Move

We round up the automatic pool cleaners the industry offers and share a few sales tips from manufacturers.

Troubleshooting Tips For Robotic APCs

The most common issues with automatic pool cleaners and how to fix them.

APCs: Cleaning Up in the Backyard

Automatic pool cleaners save precious time on the job — time that can be sent making more money.

Building Incidental Profits

Your service route provides opportunities for informal product demos that can result in extra APC sales.

Sales Surge

What if selling automatic pool cleaners was like selling the hot toy of the Christmas season? This dealer found out.

Suction APCs: A Workhorse Revisited

To ensure a long life for your suction-driven automatic pool cleaners, keep these tips in mind.

APCs: Little Help!

With qualified employees scarce, service companies are increasingly relying on APCs to help carry the workload.

The Birth of the Automatic Pool Cleaner

The advent of automatic pool cleaners was both a sign of the times and a harbinger of the future

The Birth of the Automatic Pool Cleaner

The advent of automatic pool cleaners was both a sign of the times and a harbinger of the future

Service Sidekicks

Take a look at a handful of new and exciting automatic pool cleaners available from top industry manufacturers.

Customize Your Customer's Cleaner

Focus on personalization to make more cleaner sales.

Why a Pool Vacuum System is a Must Have

Learn about the benefits of owning an automatic pool cleaner and how it could drastically improve your day-to-day route.

At Your Service: 2019 Auto Pool Cleaner Roundup

There are a plethora of APCs to choose from, and we've rounded up some of the best on today's market.

Selling APCs in an Online World

Retailers share best practices for selling automatic pool cleaners in today’s market.

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