Water Testing

Water testing is one of the core duties of any service professional, making it a subject you need to know inside and out. Here, you'll learn everything you need to know to get an accurate reading.

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An Artisan's Approach to Water Chemistry

Maintaining superior water quality requires knowledge, skill and an enlightened perspective says the author of this story, veteran builder and servicer Steve Kenny of SRK Pool Services in East Hampton, N.Y. Heavily influenced by his prior career in the culinary arts, Kenny approaches water chemistry with an artisan's touch.

The Next Text: Your Water Needs Testing

Everyone's busy. So sometimes water testing gets forgotten even by the most conscientious pool owners. To help these busy folks remember to get their water tested, this summer Family Pools & Spas of Ashland, Ohio, is going to start text messaging reminders to clients to bring their water in.

The Four Habits Of Highly Effective Water Analysts

When a homeowner or service tech gets a wonky reading on a water test, it's easy to assume one of two things: the water chemistry has gotten way out of whack or the equipment is faulty. While these things do happen, it's more likely the tester that's to blame.

Water Testing Stations Boost Pool Store Sales

Offering free water testing for clients can spur chemical sales, but if your main intention is to make a few extra bucks, clients will see right through that, and your testing station won't be nearly as effective as it can be. However, if your intention is to help your clients enjoy a clean, clear pool, even if that doesn't mean big sales every time clients come in to get their water tested, clients will recognize this intention, and will be back again and again.

Get the correct water testing results

For many of us, water chemistry is a murky concept to begin with. But it's particularly confusing when an unlikely result causes you to lose confidence in your water test. In times of doubt, always remember that chemistry is consistent and predictable. stick to the fundamentals and you can be confident in your results.

Acing the Test

There are a number of critical factors to keep in mind as you test pool water, so with the help of a few industry experts, AQUA has compiled a list of 10 water testing best practices, which can help you obtain more accurate results.

Colorimeter removes guesswork when testing pool water

Relatively inexpensive colorimeters or photometers are on the market that take the squint out of determining colors in water tests.

Notes From the Test Center

Why the success of your retail or service store can hinge on water testing.

A Test-Tip Registry

Accurate water testing is one of the cornerstones of effective pool and spa service. Need a refresher? Here's a guide to keeping your tests as accurate as possible.

The Smart Pool Solution?

Two new companies, pHin and Sutro, have created a business model that uses the Internet to offer remote pool water service.

New Thinking: Chlorine/Cyanuric Acid In Balance

There's a powerful argument to be made for rethinking one of the most fundamental aspects of water treatment: the relationship between chlorine and cyanuric acid.

5 Ways to Make Your Water Testing Station Pop

The water testing center is a retailer’s most valuable asset. Here’s how you can show it off.

The Potential of ORP

The key to taking advantage of this growing pool care technology is understanding how it works.

Keeping Pool Water Balanced

An exploration of the Langelier Saturation Index and what it means for water balance.

Test for Success

From marketing to equipment, making simple changes to your water testing station can yield great results.

Uber for Pool Service: Will On-Demand Service Take Off?

Similar to Angie’s List and Amazon Services, this company claims its service will help generate leads for service techs. Does it work?

Using Air and Acid to Quickly Get Perfect pH/Alkalinity

You really can nail down pH and alkalinity using just air and muriatic acid.

Test Killers: Common Water Testing Interferences and How to Avoid Them

APSP’s Recreational Water Quality Committee shares common water testing mistakes that can mess up your results and lead you astray.

All About Alkalinity

What exactly​ ​is total alkalinity​​? ​How does it affect water balance? We have the answers.

Understanding Advanced Oxidation Process

A close look at the chemistry of hydroxyl radicals.

pHin: Here to Stay

With a growing user base and a big partnership with Lonza, pHin is gaining momentum — and shows no signs of slowing down.

Chloramines in Source Water

Many municipalities use chloramines to treat tap water — which mean they can wind up in the pools you fill. Here's how to remedy the problem.

The Basics: Boric Acid and Sodium Borates

Boric acid and sodium borates can be used as more than just pH buffers in swimming pools and spas.

Understanding Ammonia & Nitrates

Here's a primer that sorts out some important but lesser-known chemistry issues as they apply to ammonia and nitrates.

Total Dissolved Solids: The Facts

The rising use of chlorine generators means pool technicians should be on alert for high TDS levels.

Trichlor: The Dependable Pool Performer

A true staple of residential pool care, trichlor has gained prominence due to its straightforward application of the pool industry’s ubiquitous sanitizer, chlorine.

Water Testing Made Easier

At the core of any pool and spa service is accurate water testing. These devices make it easier for service pros to achieve reliable results.

The Great Cyanurate Debate

Concern over elevated CYA levels is challenging long-held beliefs.

What Would You Do: Water Test Fees

While everyone can agree recurring water tests are a critical part of pool and spa care, many are divided on the issue of charging for them. Industry pros share their insights.

Unique Aspects of Hot Water Chemistry and Testing

Learn the important differences between pool and spa water care.

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