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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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Managing Saltwater Pools Requires A Cocktail Approach

Some say saltwater chlorination systems can corrode metal components and damage deck materials due to splash out. In this special feature, Senior Editor Eric Herman takes a look at the technology with an eye toward overcoming some of those problems while maximizing the benefits, and the trends that might impact the future of the saltwater pool.

Basic care and maintenance of automatic pool cleaners

AQUA spoke with automatic pool cleaner manufacturers and got the 411 on keeping cleaners ready to roll (pun intended) at all times. Here are a few tips for maximizing automatic pool cleaner productivity.

What Customers Need To Know About Maintaining Salt Chlorine Pools

Whether you're selling, building or maintaining pools with salt chlorine generators, it's important to pass on clear instructions about the care of these pools to homeowners. AQUA asked an expert about his experience with this equipment and what he tells clients about care and maintenance.

Increasing Pool Service Rates Without Losing Customers

If you're a service pro, you probably feel pressure to keep rates low to keep old customers and bring on new ones. Don't resign yourself to that fate, though — instead, try one of these strategies to raise your rates.

Professionalism And The Pool Service Technician

Why can some service pros charge a lot while others can't? The secret is professionalism, and in this story, we explain why it matters and how it impacts the rates you charge.

Eco-Friendly Pool Draining

There was a time when draining a pool was a fairly straightforward exercise. But it's a new age of going green, meaning we have to take new considerations into mind to drain pools in an eco-friendly way. Check out these tips for more.

Upgrading Pool Equipment For Energy Savings

Over the next five years, an estimated 8 billion dollars* will be spent by pool owners upgrading to more- efficient pumps, heaters, filtration systems, plumbing, covers and sanitation. On a commercial and residential level, this presents a major opportunity for service pros. See what the pros have to say.

Inside Knowledge: Dehumidification Equipment

An expert from PoolPak explains the ins and outs of dehumidification equipment.

Bromine in Swimming Pools?

Why bromine sometimes makes a better option with indoor pools.

Filtration Nation

Builders share their preferred filtration method and why they chose it.

Alive and Growing

Meet the man behind one of the fastest-growing swimming pool companies in North America.

The Servant Leader

For the industry to survive, we need to follow the mantra of the "servant leader."

SOI 2013: Service

Service professionals continue to hold onto stable revenues.

Dollars in the Water

Changing the way you present your chemical services can boost your profits.

The Big Chill

Time to start closing pools and spas? To help make the job easier, check out these winterizing products.

How to Grow Your Service Department

A service pro explains how he enabled his business to flourish during the recession.

The Pains of Cleaning D.E. Filters

Service pros explain the labor-intensive D.E. filter cleaning process.

Mechanical Maids

We take a look at the new and updated automatic pool cleaners on the market.

Arctic Exchange: Spa Maintenance in Cold Temps

How to properly drain a hot tub in cold climates.

Attack The Spa's Biofilm Sanctuaries

Biofilm is a pesky, slimy substance often found at the waterline of spas. We examine how it forms and how you can get rid of it.

LED Lights Just Make Cents

With serious cost savings, long life and aesthetic benefits, LED lights are more popular than ever. Don't believe us? Read this story and be convinced.

Heater Savvy

With proper installation and water care, you can give a gas-fired pool heater a long life.

State of the Industry 2014: Service, Robust & Dynamic

As the recession came and went, the pool and spa industry saw the service sector not only weather the economic climate, but thrive. We surveyed service pros across the country about their businesses — and now, we reveal our findings.

Hot, Dry, Sunny Water Care

Pools in the Southwest require extra special water care — here's what to expect.

How to Test a Swimming Pool Bonding Grid

As electrical-related pool accidents spike, it's imperative that pool pros check the safety of their pool wiring. Here's a simple way to do so.

Under A Sweltering Sun

If you're a service pro who works in hot climates, keeping yourself safe from heat injuries is critical. Here, two service pros share their stories and advice for staying cool.

The Mystery of the Pointed Crystals

Seemingly overnight, this pool was covered in sharp crystals. Where did they come from?

Alternative Sanitizers + Chlorine: The Quest For Synergy

A look at how UV and ozone sanitizers work and why they're gaining momentum.

Talking 'Bout Regeneration

As drought conditions continue, regenerative filters offer a green way to keep pools clean.

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