Green Products

As a chemical-reliant industry, pool and spa professionals are growing more conscious of their ecological footprint. How can you join the green movement? See how others have done so in these stories.


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The Green Scene - Product Focus on Green Products

Manufacturers in the spa and pool industry are increasingly emphasizing their green credentials. Here's a look at what select advertisers are doing to reduce the industry's environmental impact.

How To Green Up Your Retail Store

But how exactly do you green a pool and spa store? Do you need to add a rain barrel to the front of the store and photovoltaic panels and a windmill on top? Luckily, it's a lot simpler than that. Here's our advice.

Eco-friendly approaches to clean pool water

When it comes to keeping pool water safe and swimmable, current and prospective pool owners have a couple of options to choose from to reduce their carbon footprint.

Saving Our Industry's Most Precious Resource: Water

In a country that sometimes struggles with drought, it's important to consider pool water conservation. Here, we look at the leading causes of pool water loss and share strategies to keep water where it belongs.

Five Ways To Improve A Pool's Energy Efficiency

How can you improve a pool's energy efficiency? Let us count the ways.

Can Moss Make Pools And Spas Cleaner?

An increasing number of people are turning to a natural sanitizer that emanates from the bogs of New Zealand and other remote locales. Learn more about PoolNaturally and how it works.

Green Power From The Big Yellow

One of the greenest and most innovative new products to reach the pool and spa industry in recent years is a solar filtration pump from Lorentz that allows pumps to run entirely off the grid. Here's an update on how the product is faring in the field.

The Greenest Pool In Canada

The homeowners of this project simply wanted to feel like they were truly "outside" when enjoying their pool. Not only did they get that, but they got it in the form of a thoroughly green design that makes it one of the greenest pools in Canada.

The Future Looks Bright

While there are a host of benefits to going solar, pool professionals often stay clear of it. Manufacturers are aware of their objections, and they've responded with more options for pros who want to expand their selection to include solar.

Automatic pool covers are as green as they are safe

The pool and spa industry has made giant strides in the green movement, but customers often ignore one area: automatic pool covers. Here, we explore how these covers are an essential part of a green poolscape.

Two Hot Tub Retailers On Going Green

Pool and spa retailers who want to present their products and business practices as eco-friendly face an uphill battle given what many of the products they sell are made of, and how they're made to work. Here, two hot tub retailers share how they still manage to go green.

A New Way to Line the Pool - Another Recycling Breakthrough?

This new company is making it a goal to truly recycle materials, like billboard vinyl, which happens to be the same thickness as pool vinyl liners. Can the pool industry embrace such a true form of recycling?

Shining a Light on Energy Star

While the Energy Star program was launched in 1992, only recently has the pool industry joined in with Energy Star-certified pumps. Here's how it happened.

Maximizing Pool Efficiency

As a long-time education advocate for the pool and spa industry, Steve Gutai, director of trade marketing for Zodiac Pool Systems, is on a crusade to teach industry professionals how to maximize energy efficiency.

Harnessing Nature

Natural swimming pools make slow but steady progress in the U.S. market.

Rising With the Sun

Photovoltaic power generation gains momentum in the pool industry, and beyond.

Exploring Solar Thermal: Tips for Design, Installation and Service

The ins and outs of using the sun’s energy to heat a pool.

Worth Their Weight in Water

As the drought in the United States worsens, misconceptions about swimming pools haunt the industry. But when you step back, it becomes obvious that pools are not water wasters but, in fact, invaluable assets.

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