Saunas are a common product in the pool and spa store, and like the spa, they tout scores of health benefits. While they’ve always sold well abroad, saunas are growing more popular in the U.S. market, making it more important than ever to stay on top of the latest trends in sauna sales. 


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The Latest In Traditional and Infrared Saunas

There's no question that the steamy heat one gets in a sauna provides an excellent de-stressor from a long day or a tough workout, but the notable health benefits are numerous as well. With all of these health benefits, and consumers' demonstrated willingness to spend on health-related products, it may make sense to add a line of saunas as another option for your customers. Take a look at some of the 2012 products from sauna manufacturers around the nation.

Sauna Sales Bright

Sauna industry and association leaders project overall growth, manufacturers are releasing new products, and the largest sauna manufacturer in the industry reports an upswing in sauna dealers. Even the Wall Street Journal says that home sauna installation is the hottest trend in home improvements.

Retailing saunas in a tough economy

For some hot tub retailers, saunas have recently provided a bright spot in an otherwise laggard market.

Retailing saunas can add a welcome boost in sales

Saunas are providing some retailers a welcome lift in sales revenue. There are several reasons. The sauna market is still relatively small, giving it more room for growth. And the sauna's size and shape are easily customized to fit attractively into existing homes. Its ongoing operation and maintenance costs are low, too.

Getting Americans To Understand Sauna Culture

One of the more universal frustrations experienced by U.S.-based sauna dealers, distributors, and manufacturers is the lack of knowledge about saunas and a dearth of experience about the sauna lifestyle. However, Americans may soon get an education in saunas by watching "Steam of Life," a documentary exploring the sauna's place in Finland's culture.

Growing interest in the health benefits of saunas is driving sales

Amid the economic hardship of the last year, sauna sales in the United States have remained steadfast, and that promises an even brighter future when the economy eventually picks up. The chief impetus is the buying public's perception of the product. The evidence is anecdotal, but there's reason to believe that the longstanding assertion of a broad range of sauna health benefits is finding new traction.

C'est Le Sauna

It probably comes as no surprise that sauna sales in this country lag far behind hot tub sales. On the other hand, sauna sales have historically flourished across the pond, while hot tub sales have lagged. So why are saunas so successful in Europe while they stand in the shadow of other home leisure products (specifically hot tubs) here?

Sauna Sizzle

Emotions may not completely control consumers' buying decisions, but they certainly play a big role. That's why you talk about relaxation and family togetherness when selling spas, and that's also why it's a good idea to talk about relaxation and rejuvenation when selling saunas.

Some Like it Hot: How to Sell More Saunas

Take a look at sauna products and see how other retailers have increased sauna sales.

In the Hot Seat: 2014 Sauna Roundup

Finnish saunas, gas-fired heaters, barrel saunas, steam rooms and more — this year's roundup of sauna products has it all.

Saunas: The Sensory Experience

Today's sauna is no longer just about the temperature and humidity in the room. It’s becoming a multi-sensory experience.

Saunas: The Benefits of Elevating Human Temperature

Learn how saunas may well tap into natural healing powers.

Boom in the Small Room

The industry has witnessed the historic surge in consumer appeal of pools and spas, but what about saunas?

Checking In With Saunas

Mark Raisanen, national sales director at Finnleo, talks about what the sauna market currently looks like, and prospects for the future.

A Sauna Sale, from Start to Steam

We witness a sauna sale up close and personal. Follow everything from its design to delivery.

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