An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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Pool Selling Secrets From a Marketing Guy

Stand by your product and your price to make more sales.

September 2014 Portable Spas Product Focus

Hot tubs are getting cooler and cooler every year. Take a look at our roundup of portable spa models to see what we mean.

The Dynamic Dealer

How did this hot tub dealer become one of the strongest in the country? Check out his sales philosophy.

Spicy Hot Sales

For this retailer, hot sauce is is a great way to promote the backyard lifestyle and boost store traffic.

Pool and Spa Retail: Lessons Learned

Running a pool and spa retail business is really a long, expensive education. Hopefully, you never have to listen to the same lecture twice.

This Luxurious Showroom Says it All

Granite countertops, strategically placed track lighting, even a full-scale inground pool — this showroom shows off all the options available for potential pool and spa buyers and makes the shopping experience feel luxe.

Mom & Pop vs. the Big Box

A David and Goliath struggle many in the pool and spa industry can relate to.

Streamlining Your System

Upgrading to a software platform can make your business more competitive.

The New Marketing "Principal"

Bullfrog Spas shows they're on the cutting edge of advertising with "The Principal," a consumer-focused web series.

Selling Variable Speed

A service pro explains how he gets more customers on thevariable-speed bandwagon.

Beyond the Simple Website

A pro in online marketing shares her tips to make your company stand out.

Upselling at the Counter

Taking the time to pitch a product during checkout can add thousands in revenue. An upselling pro shares her advice.

Store Design: Go With the Flow

Ever wonder what layout is BEST for a pool and spa store? Here, retail expert Ted Lawrence walks us through a few store concepts — diagrams included.

'Y' We Have Momentum

APSP's Rich Gottwald explains why the millennial generation holds a lot of promise for the pool and spa industry.

2015 SOI Report: Retailers — At The Crossroads

To stay successful in this industry, pool and spa retailers need to do something drastic: embrace the Internet.

A Better Way to Sell More Inground Pools

When you compare TV, radio, Yellow Pages, online marketing and word of mouth, which is the best way to reach potential customers? None of them. Find out more here.

11 Tips for Better Sauna Sales

If your saunas are collecting dust, you're doing it wrong. Check out sales advice from the top sauna manufacturers.

How to Negotiate a Better Lease

Smart strategies can protect your bottom line.

Keywords: The Key to Success for Small Businesses

Is your website optimized with the right keywords? Here's a primer on what they are and how to use them to improve traffic to your website.

Millennials in Hot Water

Are millennials buying hot tubs? This dealer says yes — and finds the sales process can be a lot different than selling to a typical buyer. Here’s what you need to know.

7 Tips for Spa Cover and Lifter Sales

With the proper spa cover, customers can enjoy their hot tub more easily — and more often. Here, spa cover and lifter manufacturers share their best sales advice.

Why Your Store Needs Fun

Create an exciting store and customers will flock to you. Not sure how? Retail expert Ted Lawrence shares his advice.

Fun Per Square Foot

In just three months, this retailer changed his business strategy to focus on the total backyard experience.

These Guys Heart Hot Tubs

This company turned to online videos as a way to promote a new showroom. What they didn’t expect? That the videos would go viral and reach nearly 80,000 views.

5 Ways to Make Your Water Testing Station Pop

The water testing center is a retailer’s most valuable asset. Here’s how you can show it off.

The 3 Keys to a Hot Tub Sale

The door to your store swings open. The person standing there could be your next hot tub sale. Are you prepared?

Sales Surge

What if selling automatic pool cleaners was like selling the hot toy of the Christmas season? This dealer found out.

The Psychology of Pricing

A good pool store pricing strategy starts with understanding how our brains see the buying transaction.

The Power of the Freebie

A St. Louis-area spa retailer explains how adding in a free item can tip the sale in your favor.

How to Break Into Outdoor Living

These two builders have transformed their businesses from simply pool and spa stores to one-stop shops for backyard solutions. Here’s how they did it.

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