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On higher-end pool projects, an automatic cover is essential, but the options for them are vast and varied. Stay on top of the game with these stories. 


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The Case for Automatic Pool Covers

When it comes to automatic pool covers, there are two negatives: cost and compromised aesthetics. But when compared to the convenience they provide, there's no question automatic pool covers are a worthwhile investment for your customer.

Marketing automatic pool covers in a tough economy

Pool sales slipped in the recession, but automatic pool cover sales remained strong. Find out how.

In down economy, automatic pool covers sales are up

As a product whose principal benefits are energy conservation and pool safety, it's no surprise the automatic pool cover is enjoying a boost in sales. Add in design changes that make APCs more reliable and much easier to install on a wider array of pools, and you've got a recipe for phenomenal growth.

Automatic pool covers are as green as they are safe

Automatic pool covers are more than just safety products — they're beneficial for the environment, too.

Basic, intermediate and advanced approaches to automatic pool cover installations

The process of installing an automatic cover can wildly change depending on the degree of difficulty. Here, we look at three auto cover installations: a basic tracks-on-deck job, a moderately difficult job, and one that employs a technique the builder calls “bridging.”

Product roundup of automatic pool covers

Looking for an automatic pool cover? Try one of these manufacturers.

Covered Concerns: The Inescapable Logic of Automatic Pool Covers

All things considered, automatic pool covers are a great option for pool owners. Here's why.

Pool Covers as Art

Flowers, leaves, wood grain and more — automatic pool covers are turning into canvases to showcase whatever a homeowner wants.

Conserve and Protect

A new standard is designed to help conserve water and protect the industry from overregulation.

If You're Not Selling Automatic Pool Covers, You're Missing the Boat

An expert explains how automatic pool covers have changed and where they're headed.

Case Study: Winterizing Vs. Auto-Cover

With a cover, these pools save more money staying open in winter compared to winterizing.

The Secret Life of Hot Tub Covers

Covers present many maintenance challenges. Fortunately, maximizing cover life is mostly a matter of common sense.

Covers Go Custom

Elaborate designs and water features can be difficult for APCs to accommodate — but manufacturers are keeping up with new, innovative solutions.

Automatic Pool Covers: The Everyday Essential

The convenient cover permeates the mid-range pool market.

APC Heaven

In the corridor that stretches across the Midwest to Utah, automatic pool cover installation rates are astronomical.

The Next Logical Step: Automatic Spa Covers

Spa owners like the convenience of an auto cover, too.

Spa Covers: Conquering COVID Challenges

From material shortages to workplace restrictions, spa cover suppliers share how they adapted during the pandemic.

The Evolution of the Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers have finally caught up with modern pool design.

Tips for a Successful Automatic Pool Cover Installation

The fundamentals of a great APC install.

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