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For both inground and aboveground pools, a safety cover is critical for protecting pools from the elements and keeping people safe. Whether you’re looking at the latest styles or wondering how to properly measure a pool for a winter cover, AQUA has you covered.


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Address Aesthetics With Winter Pool Covers

The homeowner wants to keep the backyard looking good, even when the pool is closed for the winter. And to that end, dealers are selling both the safety and the beautification potential of winter safety covers.

Selling winter pool covers

AQUA spoke with a few experts in the category to get a better understanding of how winter covers are being marketed, what dealers are looking for and any manufacturing advancements.

Making Pool Cover Estimates - There's An App For That

Beginning this summer, LOOP-LOC dealers will be able to order products, check estimates and even submit pool measurements for safety covers directly from any mobile device at their jobsite.

How To Accurately Measure And Fit A Pool Cover

More pool projects have come to include fancy rockwork, waterfalls, vanishing edges, free-form shapes, attached spas and multiple-level architecture. But for homeowners looking to install a well-fitting and attractive cover to keep the pool safe and clean, these same beautiful features can add difficulty to the covering process.

October 2012's Safety Covers and Safety Products

Here are some of 2012's finest safety products from leading manufacturers nationwide.

Selling winter safety covers

The purchase agreement, the measurement and ordering of a cover and its installation are all vital components of a successful winter safety cover sale.

Sentinel of the Pool: Winter Cover Sales Strategies

Dealers from across the country explain how they sell winter safety covers.

Drought? You’re Covered

Drought conditions at one pool dealership led to an interesting side effect: a rise in winter pool cover sales.

2014 Winter Covers Product Focus

Looking ahead to closing time? Check out these winter safety covers from across the industry.

With Winter Pool Covers, End With the Start in Mind

For a smooth winterizing season, keep this philosophy in mind.

Preparing for the Fall Cover Up

A look at sales strategies and popular choices in the winter pool cover market.

In Service of Safety

This service company takes a proactive approach to safety. Why? Because safety is less a matter of what you say, than what you do.

5 Tips for Proper Winter Pool Cover Installation

Before winterizing season hits, brush up on best practices for installing winter pool covers.

APC Installation: Outsource or In-House?

Burgeoning sales are bringing in more automatic pool cover work. Is it best to give it to the experts or become the experts?

Case Study: Winterizing Vs. Auto-Cover

With a cover, these pools save more money staying open in winter compared to winterizing.

Winter Cover Notes

A look at winter covers, from solid tarp to mesh.

The Secret Life of Hot Tub Covers

Covers present many maintenance challenges. Fortunately, maximizing cover life is mostly a matter of common sense.

Winterizing Inground Pools, Step by Step

Following these steps and taking proper precautions will help ensure pool health through the winter season.

Keep Calm and Cover Up

Here, we have compiled a list of winter pool covers and accessories to help techs and customers in seasonal areas have a stress-free off season.

Sizing a Safety Cover the Traditional Way, Using Basic Geometry

A step-by-step guide to measuring a pool cover with the traditional A-B method.

Why You Should Order Safety Covers Now

Avoid longer wait times for both you and your customers by placing safety cover orders now.

Five Essential Tips for Pool Cover Maintenance

Look for these pool cover maintenance issues anytime you pay a homeowner a visit.

Tara Manufacturing2

Built to be the best since 1984, Tara vinyl liners and safety covers have set the standard for precision, beauty and dependability. This year we've changed our look but not our commitment to being your trusted source for quality pool and outdoor products.

In addition to a new logo, we have updated our website to be even more functional and user-friendly. Our new Envision pool designer takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect liner pattern. See how our patterns look in real pools. Compare how each pattern looks in different pool shapes and with various decking choices.

Our 2021 pattern collection is our most dynamic and exciting collection to date. We have added seven new patterns that expand the palette of colors and designs for vinyl liners. Our new Shimmertone patterns, Aquamarine and Moonstone are sure to be customer favorites. See all the refreshing new changes at www.tarapools.com.


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