Everyone enjoys a glass of ice water — but swimming in it is another matter. Enter the heater, a product that affords swimmers the chance to extend the pool season — and provides retailers an extra revenue stream.


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Solar pool heating systems are popular choice in down economy

Whether builders are up for the challenge of taking on solar themselves or teaming up with a local distributor, adding solar to their menu of options can be beneficial.

Is solar pool heating right for your customer?

A pool owner shares his story of how he choose a solar heater and retailers share how the Internet is changing how customers buy heaters.

Crematorium to Heat Pool

Plans are moving forward to use excess energy from a crematorium to heat the water at a nearby public aquatics facility. Innovative or macabre?

The Warmth Of The Sun

AQUA chats with Ted Bavin, president of All Valley Solar, about the beautiful simplicity behind solar heating, the public's misunderstanding of it and his efforts to save the earth, one solar system at a time.

Heat History

It wasn't long ago that the pool and spa industry didn't care about global warming and climate change. However, we've come a long way in just a decade. Here, we look back at the progress made in the heating category.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Heater Installation Checklist

If your company is considering offering eco-friendly heaters to your customers, here are some handy tips to help streamline the installation.

Help customers make difficult decisions regarding pool heaters

Pool heaters require care, maintenance and occasional replacement. A good service department devotes energy to all three to ensure customers get as much life out of their heaters as possible. Here, service pros share how they help customers make sound decisions regarding repairs and possible replacement.

Advancements in technology have giving pool owners reason to replace old pool heaters

Most pool owners wait for a total failure before replacing their old heaters. But that often means hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars have been wasted through inefficient fuel comsumption. As customers consider a new heater, these are the things they should consider.

The Heat Is On

Installing a heater on a pool? These are the things you should consider when matching a heater to a pool.

Explainer: Geothermal Heating Principles

You can heat or cool a home using energy that's stored in your swimming pool.

Heater Savvy

With proper installation and water care, you can give a gas-fired pool heater a long life.

Bring on the Heat

Gas-fired pool heaters have come a long way, making them easier than ever to sell and install.

Heat Pumps and Gas: North vs. South

Choosing the right heater depends on your client's needs — and, to a degree, where you live.

4 Keys To A Solid Heater Choice

What to consider for your next heater application.

Saving Money, Generating Heat

A new generation of solar technology both generates electricity and heats water in the same panel.

Finding Efficiencies

No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.

How to Size A Pool Heater

"Guesstimates" can work, but a simple calculation yields more-precise results.

Pool Heater Best Practices

Pool professionals who wish to ensure pool water heats up and stays warm when needed should take the time to review the heater installation for each pool they maintain. Here are some of the critical parameters.

Rising With the Sun

Photovoltaic power generation gains momentum in the pool industry, and beyond.

Gas Pool Heat Banned

Some municipalities are prohibiting natural gas lines in new construction — what does it mean for the future of pool heating?

Putting the "Hot" in Hot Tub

With more than one way to heat a hot tub, here is a look at spa heating strategies and technology.

Exploring Solar Thermal: Tips for Design, Installation and Service

The ins and outs of using the sun’s energy to heat a pool.

Help Your Customers Get Some Pool Heat

Show customers why a new heater purchase or upgrade is a smart investment.

Pool Efficiency Challenge: 150,000 Gallons, Heated Year-Round

A resort-style community receives a necessary pool equipment upgrade.

The Case for the Dedicated Heater Pump

By providing a separate pump for the heating equipment, you can extend the lifecycle of all system components and reduce maintenance.

Pool Heater Installation: Stopping the Threat of CO Gas

How to prevent carbon monoxide exposure through proper pool heater installation.

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