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As a hot tub dealer, you know it’s never just about the tub. Spa accessories — like steps, surrounds, covers and more — not only enhance the experience for the customer, but also serve as a valuable revenue stream for dealers. Learn more about the category and how to sell more spa accessories.


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Making Scents: The History of Spa Fragrances

In the pool and spa world, we have our own subset of companies dedicated entirely to the art of fragrances used to enhance the hot water experience. In the modern era, these colorful, yet sublime products offer specific therapeutic benefits as well.

Spa Cover And Lifter Roundup

Manufacturers of covers and removal systems have increasingly turned their attention to the replacement market. To increase appeal, they've incorporated new materials, increased thermal efficiency and in one case even eased removal by adding a remote control. These new benefits join the old ones, making a rock-solid case for replacing old, worn covers.

Waterfront: August 2007 - Aquatic Dutch Oven

This funky tub (thankfully) supplies the heat without the fragrance. This portable wonder's price tag is — much like its jetted cousin's — not small. It's $6,000.

Be successful at retailing spa steps and surrounds

Spa accessories may not be your biggest money makers, but they are an important source of income. And if marketed the right way, not only will they bring in extra dollars, but they'll keep the store traffic steady. "We've been doing really well with surrounds," says Bill Allan, owner of Coastal Hot Spring Spas in Anaheim, Calif. "Our key is the way we display them."

Retailing spa fragrances and salts

Strategic placement of the impulse item is a retail sales strategy as old as retailing itself. Who hasn't bowed to the temptation to throw a pack of gum, a bottle of hand sanitizer or a Snickers bar in before the cashier totals your purchase? It's a tactic spa and pool retailers employ often, and one of the items they've had a lot of success with is spa fragrances.

Retailing spa and hot tub skirts and surrounds

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Be that as it may, over the years most beholders of portable spas have found little to delight the eye — especially with the cover down. With the mesmerizing water hidden from sight, the eye is drawn to the skirts or surrounds, which have tended to be somewhat dull, even before the ravages of elements and various human and animal degradations rendered them positively ugly. Improving the look of the spa has been a focus of manufacturers for years, and they are making real progress.

Quick Tip: Preserving Portable Spa Covers

There are certain things customers can do to prolong the life of their cover: use a lifter, keep the water balanced and don't let kids jump on it.

Coming Back 'Round For The Surround

As consumer confidence gradually increases, and retail sales along with it, portable spa retailers will likely see an uptick in sales in 2011. Portable spa accessories, in particular, could prove to be a helpful profit center, as many customers who bought a hot tub some time in the last couple years come back to buy the surround they wanted but decided to hold off on initially.

Spa Enclosures A Key Component In Today's Better Backyards

For many companies committed to selling gazebos and spa enclosures, they remain a steady source of revenue.

Step Right Up with Spa Steps, Surrounds and Enclosures

We take a look at the various spa accessories to enhance your customer's spa.

7 Tips for Spa Cover and Lifter Sales

With the proper spa cover, customers can enjoy their hot tub more easily — and more often. Here, spa cover and lifter manufacturers share their best sales advice.

Something Under the Spa, Under $500

Concrete pad alternatives can help sell price-sensitive customers.

Customize the Spa Experience With Accessories

The hot tub experience may start with the tub — but that's only the beginning. Take a look at the newest spa accessories from leading manufacturers.

Need a Lift?

Not only do spa covers and removal systems heighten customer accessibility and satisfaction, they are easy add-ons to increase your bottom line. Take a look at what's available on today's market.

A 3-D Spa Configurator

An online product configurator takes customers from specs all the way to the final price.

Let's Get Personal: 2020 Spa Accessories Roundup

Robert Lowry explains why some water conditions have an effect on the amount of acid needed to accurately adjust pH and alkalinity.

Sellers: Swim Spas Set to Surge

Some retailers believe swim spas are poised to fly off shelves after stay-at-home orders are lifted.

How to Get Into the Swim Spa Business

Simple rules for success in selling swim spas.

3 Keys to Selling More Swim Spas

Steps toward overcoming the perceived obstacles in the swim spa market.

Follow a Swim Spa Sale From Start to Finish

Helpful tips and trick to increase your swim spas sales and grow your confidence in the niche category.

A Cold You’ll Want to Catch

The ice bath market is growing as health-conscious consumers learn the benefits of cold water therapy.

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