An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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SOI Retail Report 2019: Strong and Steady

How do pool and spa retailers feel about the future of the industry? We share the results of our 2019 survey.

Drug Tests: Yes or No?

Deciding how to structure an effective company drug policy is not an easy matter, but it’s important.

The Grill Market is Heating Up

Pool and spa retailers who enter the growing grill market lean on vendors for customer support, lead generation and more.

What Would You Do: Water Test Fees

While everyone can agree recurring water tests are a critical part of pool and spa care, many are divided on the issue of charging for them. Industry pros share their insights.

How Painting is like Retailing

Everything Ted Lawrence knows about retail can be related to painting.

Brick-and-Mortar Relief

Dealers have struggled to compete against the internet for years. Today, the biggest manufacturers in the pool industry are taking steps to help.

What to Know Before Getting a Wrap

Sign Edge Owner Jim Hagen breaks down what pool and spa pros should know before deciding on a wrap for a work vehicle.

Growing Your Moneymaker

Identifying the most profitable products led this dealer to double down on replacement liners.

How to Sell 300,000 Hot Tubs Next Year

There is a significant level of interest in hot tubs today. Unfortunately, we are losing 85% of would-be buyers.

A 3-D Spa Configurator

An online product configurator takes customers from specs all the way to the final price.

Industrious in Utah

Christian Staples turns a one-man show into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

Take a Load Off

The Roll-n-Vac is an industrial-grade wet/dry vacuum that makes routine tasks like sand filter changes and vinyl liner replacements faster and easier.

5 Hard Truths of Staff Retention

Hint: You need to invert your thinking and put your employees first.

School’s in Session: Teaching Water Chemistry to Homeowners

Teaching pool owners the basics of water chemistry carries significant implications for pool and spa companies, especially retailers.

Reputation Management: What is it and Why Should You Care?

There are two categories of reputation management: offline and online. Here's an introduction to a number of techniques you can try both in-person and on the web.

Letting Go: The Art of Launching Your Company into a Future Without You

Five industry icons offer insight into succession planning, preserving your legacy and setting the stage for your company’s success long after you’ve stepped away.

'Don't Care How, I Want it Now!'

Big-box stores, influenced by Amazon, are rapidly expanding their buy-online-pickup-instore programs. Can specialty retailers like those in the pool and spa industry follow suit?

Local Digital Marketing: Best Practices for Pool and Spa Companies

Make the most of online opportunities to get more feet through your door.

Retail Forecast 2020

Retailers face a challenging economic environment in 2020. Happy consumers and low interest rates are supporting a decent economy. But a looming recession and shaky stock market are contributing to a slowdown in business activity.

Essential Third-Party Services You Need to Run Your Pool Business

Outsourcing admin tasks can save you valuable time (and headaches down the line).

Customizing the Hot Water Experience

Prefabricated custom spas provide the highest functions of hydrotherapy, wellness and experience.

The Whole Experience

Here's what to keep in mind when expanding your offerings to address the entire backyard experience.

KPIs for Pool and Spa Retailers

Top retailers share what business metrics, or key performance indicators, they measure to keep their businesses on track.

Software Integration Means Better Customer Service and Profits

Integrate your business software to better customer service and raise profits.

Make Your Business Stand Up in a Slump

Retailers can survive a dip in the economy — and thrive — if they retool their operations well in advance.

Hold On To Your Best Workers

A good employee retention rate depends on seeing the job from an employee’s perspective.

New Age of Pumps: Selling the Homeowners

In preparation for the 2021 new pump regulations, learn how to successfully sell variable speed pumps.

Retail in a Time of COVID

Retailers work to meet new challenges of selling during the pandemic.

Pool and Spa Sales Are Booming

We hear from companies who are seeing very strong sales this spring, despite recent concerns over the state of the economy.

Sales Promotions: Timely Offers Increase Sales and Profits

Today’s software technology can pre-plan your events and ease in-season stress.

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