An improving economy means retailers are poised for success now more than ever. However, that doesn't mean brick-and-mortar dealers aren't without challenges, such as competition from online giants and big box stores. For advice on marketing, customer service, sales tips and more, read this section.


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State Fair Hot Tub Sales: How to Win Big

Planning on exhibiting at the state fair? Competition can be steep, but special event pricing and employee incentives are just a couple ways you can see success.

2016 SOI Retail Report: Tempered Confidence

How do pool and spa retailers feel about the pool and spa industry? We share the results of our annual survey.

Texas Retailer Stages Incredible Turnaround

With drought conditions threatening to close his business, this retailer pivoted to focus on hot tubs with impressive results.

Sensory Sales for the New Consumer

When putting your specialty pool store together or perhaps just tweaking it, remember to use all five of your senses.

Test for Success

From marketing to equipment, making simple changes to your water testing station can yield great results.

7 Tips for Training Summer Help

Tip sheets, scholarships, software programs — these are just a few ways retailers quickly and effectively train summer help.

Safety Sells

More than six in 10 homeowners without a pool are concerned about the safety of their children or grandchildren in a pool. APSP is developing programs to help turn the tide.

Preparing for the Fall Cover Up

A look at sales strategies and popular choices in the winter pool cover market.

'Imagining' a New Store Concept

In this showroom, vignettes highlight the many ways hot tubs and outdoor living go hand in hand.

How to Win With Webrooming

Showrooming is a daily pain point for retailers — but its opposite, webrooming, presents an opportunity for your business.

In the Hot Seat: 4 Top Spa Dealers Discuss the Hot Tub Industry

How is the North American hot tub market looking right now? We spoke to retailers to find out.

Healthy Hot Water

A look at the hot tub makers and dealers leading the wellness movement.

Outdoor Living: What’s Trending Right Now

Retail expert Ted Lawrence explains what consumers are loving in the outdoor living category.

Tapping into the Resort Market

A spa dealer in Aspen explains the big business of resort sales.

Trade Show Pep Talk

A retail expert shares how he tackles the trade show floor, from the best routes to how to pick the right products to carry in your store.

The Pool Retailer's Off-Season Checklist

It may be the slow season, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down too much. Our retail expert shares 10 things every retailer should work on during the off-season, from marketing plans to store flow.

Selling Spas to a Wealthy Clientele

How is the spa sales process different when your customer base is especially wealthy? Valet service, for starters.

Alice Cunningham: On Outside Influences

A hot tub pioneer on the importance of learning from sources beyond the industry.

What Makes A Top-Notch Pool Salesperson?

Being well-educated, positive and trustworthy are just a few ways you can get more contracts signed.

Is "Virtual" The New Reality of Spa Sales?

Bullfrog Spas debuts a new virtual reality system it hopes will drive traffic to its dealers.

If You're Not Selling Automatic Pool Covers, You're Missing the Boat

An expert explains how automatic pool covers have changed and where they're headed.

How to Pass Down the Family Business

Too few family businesses survive into the second and third generation of ownership. Here, we look at ways to help you ensure success for your family business.

Solo Artists: Why These Dealers Sell Tubs — and Skip Pools

Spa dealers explain the benefits of specializing in the hot tub market.

From Solo Owner to ESOP

This spa dealer formed an employee stock ownership plan to reward employees and facilitate succession.

Sizing Up Saunas

A look at sauna technology, design considerations and proper installation.

pHin: Here to Stay

With a growing user base and a big partnership with Lonza, pHin is gaining momentum — and shows no signs of slowing down.

Retail Report 2017: Brick and Mortar, Empowered

We share the results of our industry-wide survey. In short: Things are looking up.

Competitors for Discretionary Dollars

We look at the products that compete with pool and spa purchases: RVs, boats and vacations.

Hot Tubs: As Good as Exercise

A simple slogan could do wonders to raise our industry's profile.

Crossing Enemy Lines

Some spa dealers are partnering with an unlikely company, Costco, to grow their business.

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