Fiberglass Pools

As a pool construction material, fiberglass makes a durable shell which is relatively easy to install. But just like any other type of pool, fiberglass pools present their own complications and special considerations you need to be aware of.


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The Future Of Fiberglass Pools

As the economy improves and the pool industry recovers, the time is right for fiberglass pools to make their move. Here, two leaders in the field share their confidence in fiberglass.

Fiberglass 911

You can run into all kinds of problems when building pools, but fiberglass can be your answer.

Parker Pools discusses fiberglass pool installation

Although fiberglass vessels have evolved over the years, its the level of creativity and expertise on the part of the builder that has pushed the category to prominence. Here, we go inside one of the prominent fiberglass pool companies in the industry.

Fiberglass Pool Makers Adding Features To Better Compete With Vinyl

Fiberglass pool manufactuers are upping their game with features they feel will help them compete with vinyl and gunite. See how in this story.

Breaking The Mold - Fiberglass pool makers fight the category's image.

The fiberglass pool industry had an image problem. See how manufacturers are making a comeback from it.

The Age of Fiberglass

How did fiberglass pools get so popular? In addition to the Internet and TV exposure, the surprising answer: customers are demanding them.

May 2011 AQUA Choice Winner: A Fiberglass Pool By AquaFX

This fiberglass pool project won the AQUA Choice award in May 2011. Learn more about the project here.

Turks and Caicos fiberglass pool and spa project

The clients for this project wanted a backyard oasis in their dry, arid climate. See how a fiberglass pool and spa achieved that vision.

A 360-degree slot-overflow fiberglass pool by San Juan Pools of Charleston

When the vision these homeowners had proved budget-breaking, builder George Brown and designer Virginia Conlon developed an alternative: a fiberglass pool installed with a perimeter overflow.

A fiberglass pool project in Bullhead, Ariz.

A builder details a fiberglass pool installation in Arizona.

August 2012 AQUA Choice Winner

A backyard paradise doesn't have to take years to create — this award-winning project was accomplished on a limited timeframe.

A Small-Space Fiberglass Pool Installation

A steep hill, a small backyard and little room for error — while there was a lot at stake, designer/builder Jason Hughes nevertheless accomplished this beautiful fiberglass pool installation.

VGB's Legacy: Drainless Fiberglass Pools

Seven years after VGB was implemented, some manufacturers wonder if main drains are a necessity at all.

5 Common Fiberglass Concerns, Addressed

Despite the widening acceptance of fiberglass pools, lingering questions remain in the minds of some, often as throwbacks to an earlier era of pool building.

Demand for Fiberglass Doubles — Experts Explain Why

Thanks to thriving consumer demand, fiberglass sales have doubled since 2006. Here, pros explain why the product is growing in popularity.

They Like the Ledge

Tanning ledges heat up the fiberglass market

Why Fiberglass is Growing

Two fiberglass veterans explain the category's increasing consumer appeal.

Fast as Fiberglass

Labor-strapped builders are turning to fiberglass pools to streamline and economize the installation process.

Fiberglass Dropping In

A beach entry installation illustrates fiberglass’ incursion into the gunite market.

FIberglass: The Builder Friendly Product

Fiberglass pools are growing, partly because they offer efficiencies in scheduling and labor allocation.

Fiberglass Pools: As Beautiful As Concrete

When it comes to visual appeal, it’s what surrounds the pool that matters.

Tips and Tricks for Installing APCs on Fiberglass Pools

Combining fi berglass pools and automatic pool covers can present some unique installation challenges

Fiberglass in the Pandemic and After

While fiberglass was not immune to challenges during the pandemic, it did have some advantages

Evolution of the Fiberglass Pool

The sunken living room continues the evolution in fiberglass design.

The Fiberglass Future

Fiberglass has 65% of the pool market in Australia. Could this be the future for the US?

Handling Shells

Builders can save on unnecessary expenses and shrink down risk by following these helpful tips on handling fiberglass shells.

How to Manage Pool Design Material Selections

Material selection, when approached correctly, can be an exciting process for both the builder and homeowner alike.

Deadly RWI: Legionellosis

The Legionellosis disease, which got its name from an American Legion convention, invades the lungs via tiny airborne droplets of unsanitized water. It has caused a number of disastrous large scale outbreaks.

The Post-Pandemic Pool Pitch

As pool prices continue to rise, builders are placing a higher emphasis on financing.

Cracking the Pool Barrier Code

Residential pool fencing can help with drowning prevention and increase water safety.

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