Automation & Controls

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, it’s now easier to control pool and spa operations from a computer or a smartphone, from the home or on the road. These tools make pool and spa care easier on the service professional as well.  


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Automation and Residential Pool Design

Designer, landscape architect and educator Mark Holden loves to bend standard technologies to meet his clients' needs in new ways. Here, he argues automation has more than utilitarian uses — it's a sophisticated element of aquatic design.

Modern pool controls help make pool ownership more affordable and easier

Pool controls are no longer just for the wealthy. Thanks to lowered prices and technological advancements, pool controls are making their way to the masses. Here's the low down on afforadable solutions for pool controls.

Environmental Automation

Dealers and builders looking to tap into the growing green movement tend to focus on more-obvious methods and products than controls and automation. But to the contrary, some manufactures are speading the message that their automation products can also be considered green products — read on to see how.

Using Advanced Pool Controls

Builders share how cutting-edge controls are adding new levels of sophistication to pool projects.

The Simple Life

Like practically any other industry, the pool and spa sector has benefitted from advances in electronics and automation. But is the pool and spa world also — along with everyone else — suffering from too much of a good thing? Two industry experts share their thoughts.

Control capabilities for pools and spas has exploded

A Colorado-based company is offering a unique service: for the first 90 days after a pool is built, it will monitor everything to make sure nothing goes wrong. The trick: software that allows for remote-monitoring.

Modern computer diagnostics have reached the spa service industry

What is the in.xm system? It's a way of automating hot tub equipment. Learn more in this story.

In Control

As customers clamor for automated control systems, a divergence has emerged: some industry pros are keeping things entry-level while others are making controls increasingly sophisticated. Learn more about the trend in this story.

The Maintenance-Free Conundrum

As technology advances, are we getting closer to the self-operating pool and spa?

Spa Controls - Repair or Replace?

When should you fix the spa control system — and when should you replace it entirely?

The Basics of Fountain Command and Control

More and more customers are looking for fountains to accent their pool or stand alone in their yard. Here, an expert explains just some of the fountain options made possible with automation and controls.

The Potential of ORP

The key to taking advantage of this growing pool care technology is understanding how it works.

Why Automation is Not Optional

For today's consumers, the ability to automate water chemistry, pumps, features, etc., is an expectation.

Introducing the Unknown Control

Why should pool builders have to “Frankenstein” a control system from other products to meet their client’s needs? It’s time for control manufacturers to catch up to the needs of today’s market.

Simple Control Solutions For Simple Pools

A new product is making it easier for older pools to join the automation movement.

66 Million Gallons of Crystal Clear Water: How Do They Do It?

How do these pools manage to maintain 66 million gallons of cystal clear water?

Finding Efficiencies

No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.
 No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.


Chemistry Automation: Always in Command

Innovations in chemical control and automation support water quality, efficient service, effective management and a positive consumer experience.

Don't 'Bypass' the Proper Solution

Learn how to correct a common mistake in the use SCGs.

The Automation Opportunity

Routinely informing customers of their control options, and many other technical upgrades, is a great market strategy.

Tech Notes: Preventing Chlorine Gas Leaks

Learn how to prevent chlorine gas leaks and what protocol to follow should one occur.

Automating a Service Department

How to solve labor problems and increase profits by automating your service department.

The Attendant -- The First Multilingual Panel

A closer look at a pool control that communicates with equipment, homeowners and service providers.

Safety and Profit: The Many Benefits of Pool Covers

Helpful tips to close a pool cover sale while standing in your customer's backyard.

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