Marketing today covers so much: your website, social media, SEO, TV ads and email, just to name a few. It also evolves quickly — it can be hard to keep up, right? Here, you can bone up on the latest developments in marketing, including strategies that work for other pros, to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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Mom & Pop vs. the Big Box

A David and Goliath struggle many in the pool and spa industry can relate to.

The New Marketing "Principal"

Bullfrog Spas shows they're on the cutting edge of advertising with "The Principal," a consumer-focused web series.

Beyond the Simple Website

A pro in online marketing shares her tips to make your company stand out.

Keywords: The Key to Success for Small Businesses

Is your website optimized with the right keywords? Here's a primer on what they are and how to use them to improve traffic to your website.

Meet the V-Dub Tub, One Cool Marketing Tool

The V-Dub Tub: German automotive engineering wrapped around a Hot Spring spa.

Why Your Store Needs Fun

Create an exciting store and customers will flock to you. Not sure how? Retail expert Ted Lawrence shares his advice.

These Guys Heart Hot Tubs

This company turned to online videos as a way to promote a new showroom. What they didn’t expect? That the videos would go viral and reach nearly 80,000 views.

How YouTube Can Lead to More (And Better) Pool Customers

After six years uploading videos to YouTube, Al Curtis and his team at Legendary Escapes say YouTube is an essential marketing tool for pool builders. So — are you ready for your closeup?

The Pool Retailer's Off-Season Checklist

It may be the slow season, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down too much. Our retail expert shares 10 things every retailer should work on during the off-season, from marketing plans to store flow.

Alice Cunningham: On Outside Influences

A hot tub pioneer on the importance of learning from sources beyond the industry.

Is "Virtual" The New Reality of Spa Sales?

Bullfrog Spas debuts a new virtual reality system it hopes will drive traffic to its dealers.

Hot Tubs: As Good as Exercise

A simple slogan could do wonders to raise our industry's profile.

The Hot Tub Health Movement

With powerful scientific data behind us, the hot tub industry needs to focus on the wellness message. These three pros explain how they're doing just that.

A Geofence Around Your Customers

A cutting-edge digital marketing strategy has spurred hot tub sales at Valley Pool & Spa.

2017's Top Showroom Design Trends

Today's top dealers are avoiding the stuffed warehouse look and going for a boutique feel.

Finding the Voice of Wellness

Promoting hot water wellness benefits past, present and future

A Legitimate Question

How do industry professionals build legitimacy and credibility with clients? The answer is both simple and complex.

Retail Wisdom (From Other Retailers)

A retail expert shares what lessons P/S retailers can learn from other businesses

Aerial Views Can Help Sell Pools

Drones allow pool builders to show off their work in a whole new way.

Resolving Conflicts Without LItigation

Avoid costly lawsuits and preserve relationships with mediation

"Alexa, Turn My Pool On."

Homeowners can now command their pools and spas without getting up from the couch.

Inspiration for a Retail Destination

"Destination store" retailers share the secrets behind their dazzling showrooms.

The Evolution of Package Pool Marketing

A look at how the package pool message has changed.

Getting People into Hot Water

Rotomolded spas help hot tub dealers break into a new market of buyers.

Swim Spas: A Market in Motion

After years of struggle, retailers can exhale. Things are looking up.

A High-Scoring Approach

Generate leads in a fun, new way.

Developing Talent: Taking the Long View

Finding good help requires looking beyond the usual places.

Is Wellness Working?

Hot tub dealers question if embracing the wellness movement could gain traction among consumers and boost sales.

Swimming Pools: Gone to the Dogs

Industry pros are sniffing out ways to cash in on the booming pet industry.

How a Trust Can Protect a Pool Business

Carefully designed trusts can help protect valuable assets and keep your business thriving.

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