Alternative Sanitizing Products

In the past, it was all about chlorine. Not anymore. As the industry evolves, so too have sanitizing methods, which are now as varied as the pools they help keep clean and clear. Looking to be well-versed in bromine, salt chlorine generators and green methods of sanitizing? Start here.

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Automatic sanitizing is clearly the way of the future

The natural evolution of any system, over time, is toward greater automation — and that includes sanitizers. Salt chlorine machines, automatic chlorine and mineral feeders, UV lights and more, these products give owners sparkling water that's easy to maintain.

The Case For Natural Swimming Pools

This story explores the world of natural swimming pools: where they came from, how they work and why they're the big thing in sustainability.

Can saltwater sanitation catch on for spas and hot tubs?

Salt chlorine generators have taken the pool industry by storm because they make pool care easier. Could salt bromine generators have the same impact on the spa industry?

Ozone, UV And Mineral Purifiers Can Lower Chlorine Use

While chlorine is effective, some pool owners shy away from it. Learn about three chlorine alternatives: ozone generation, UV and mineral purifiers.

Jacuzzi and Sundance Introduce UV Hot Tub

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas have added factory-installed UV water purification to their hot tub models. Read more about the development.

Can Moss Make Pools And Spas Cleaner?

As people increasingly seek green products to care for their pools, PoolNaturally is meeting that need with their surprising product — sphagnum moss.

Energy-efficient pool project in Camarillo, Calif.

This homeowner wanted to up the ante on his 10-year-old smart home and build a resort-like poolscape with some of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment on the market today. Read what he did.

Eco-friendly approaches to clean pool water

Savvy retailers of chemicals and sanitizing equipment have been taking advantage of the booming interest in eco-friendly products. These are just a couple ways pool owners can reduce their carbon footprint.

Ultraclean Machine

The pool industry is starting to see the light — ultraviolet light, that is. Learn how UV sanitation works and see how some manufacturers are introducing it to the masses.

Bromine in Swimming Pools?

Why bromine sometimes makes a better option with indoor pools.

The School of UV

We take an in-depth look at UV, from common misconceptions and maintenance to choosing the correct unit for an application.

Bromine Generation in Hot Tubs: A Chemistry Primer

We explain why bromine can be such a great match for hot water applications.

AOP + Pools: For Some, the Perfect Match

AOP, or advanced oxidation processing, combines ozone and UV to clear contaminants, cut chlorine, improve bather experience and help protect their health.

Ozone vs. Cryptosporidium

Cases of crypto have doubled between 2014 and 2016. We examine how it spreads and what service techs can do to kill it.

Bromine Chemistry For Spas and Pools

A small guide to using bromine as a substitute for chlorine.

ABCs of Algae

Identify and control all types of algae in pool water.

Tech Notes: Biguanide

Learn more about biguanide and how it's used as an alternative water sanitizer in place of chlorine or bromine.

Copper-Silver Mineral Sanitizers

Examine the properties of copper-silver mineral sanitizers.

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