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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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Show Your Customers Why They Need to Upgrade Their Equipment

When selling upgrades, focus on safety, savings and actually showing why the upgrade matters.

Getting to the Bottom of Wrinkled Vinyl Pools (Sponsored Content by Tara Manufacturing)

Despite a trouble-free installation, some pool pros are seeing bad wrinkles in their liner installations. Why does this happen?

Heat Pumps and Gas: North vs. South

Choosing the right heater depends on your client's needs — and, to a degree, where you live.

2016 SOI Service Report: Service is Where the Action Is

We polled service techs across the U.S. and Canada about their business outlook, their pain points, what they see on the job and more.

Dealing with Pool Stains? Identify Before You Treat

Copper stains, purple haze, iron stains — we walk through the most common stain problems you’ll see on the job and explain how to fix them.

Preparing for the Fall Cover Up

A look at sales strategies and popular choices in the winter pool cover market.

The Dirt on Filter Cleaning

Five seasoned service pros share their tips and tricks for cleaning pool and spa filters.

AOP + Pools: For Some, the Perfect Match

AOP, or advanced oxidation processing, combines ozone and UV to clear contaminants, cut chlorine, improve bather experience and help protect their health.

Pump Replacement Made Easier

Industry pros share their tips and tricks to facilitate the pump replacement process.

Uber for Pool Service: Will On-Demand Service Take Off?

Similar to Angie’s List and Amazon Services, this company claims its service will help generate leads for service techs. Does it work?

Confronting Stray Current

Within weeks of this pool’s initial startup, light rings, handrails and the pool shell itself started showing signs of extreme corrosion. Why? Mark Holden cracks the case.

Using Air and Acid to Quickly Get Perfect pH/Alkalinity

You really can nail down pH and alkalinity using just air and muriatic acid.

Sand Filters: Tips for Top Performance

Four service pros share the tips they swear by when working with sand filters.

Inside Chlorine's Staying Power

While water treatment options come and go, chlorine remains indispensable for many pool pros and homeowners alike.

'Why am I at Fault?'

An insurance pro explains the common ways pool and spa pros open themselves up to lawsuits.

Lawful or Successful

Title 20​ has been the law in California for nine years​, ​but ​some ​still ​ignore the law ​on pump replacements.

Talk to Your Techs

Why it's essential for service department managers to teach their techs about the costs of running a business.

Keys to Service Department Success

Tips from a pro whose company quadrupled in size since 2000.

A Thick New Pool Skin

A 60-mil liner wins new fans ​in D.C. renovation project.

Test Killers: Common Water Testing Interferences and How to Avoid Them

APSP’s Recreational Water Quality Committee shares common water testing mistakes that can mess up your results and lead you astray.

4 Keys To A Solid Heater Choice

What to consider for your next heater application.

De-Vinyl Lines

Pros explain the virtues of vinyl as a concrete alternative.

All About Alkalinity

What exactly​ ​is total alkalinity​​? ​How does it affect water balance? We have the answers.

Time-Saving Cartridge Cleaning Tips

By speeding up your cartridge cleanings, you make more room for other jobs — which can help boost your bottom line.

If You're Not Selling Automatic Pool Covers, You're Missing the Boat

An expert explains how automatic pool covers have changed and where they're headed.

Understanding Advanced Oxidation Process

A close look at the chemistry of hydroxyl radicals.

How to Pass Down the Family Business

Too few family businesses survive into the second and third generation of ownership. Here, we look at ways to help you ensure success for your family business.

APCs: Little Help!

With qualified employees scarce, service companies are increasingly relying on APCs to help carry the workload.

Indoor Pools: Clearing the Air

The air quality at this indoor pool was so bad, swimmers were forced to use inhalers to get through workouts. To help remedy the problem, Bill Drakeley turned to a unique system from Paddock Pool Equipment.

Cal Hypo: The Facts

Some things you know — and some you don't — about the sanitizing stalwart.

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