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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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2014 Filtration Product Focus

Looking for a new filtration system? Take a look at these selections.

Until the Colors Fade

​Why do pools with black or blue plaster sometimes lose their color?

The Leak Mystique

Leaks happen. Here, specialists in the field explain the detective work that goes into leak detection.

Lifehacks for Service Pros

The simple, "Why didn't I think of that?" tricks that will make service work easier.

Troubleshooting Tips For Robotic APCs

The most common issues with automatic pool cleaners and how to fix them.

Filtering in the Drought

In three crucial markets — California, Arizona and Texas — drought conditions have reached a new level of urgency. Industry professionals need to consider the effect different filtration methods have on pool water usage.

Avoiding Electrical Missteps

A mistake in your wiring can be costly — prevent hazards by following this advice.

The Science of Starving Algae

Phosphate removers are increasingly popular as a way to fight algae. But how do they work, exactly?

A Test-Tip Registry

Accurate water testing is one of the cornerstones of effective pool and spa service. Need a refresher? Here's a guide to keeping your tests as accurate as possible.

Selling Variable Speed

A service pro explains how he gets more customers on thevariable-speed bandwagon.

APCs: Cleaning Up in the Backyard

Automatic pool cleaners save precious time on the job — time that can be sent making more money.

Bring on the Heat

Gas-fired pool heaters have come a long way, making them easier than ever to sell and install.

'Y' We Have Momentum

APSP's Rich Gottwald explains why the millennial generation holds a lot of promise for the pool and spa industry.

2015 SOI Report: Motivating Service Professionals

The top concern for pool service companies? Finding and keeping talented staff members. Here, Dan Lenz, vice president of All Seasons Pools & Spas in Orland Park, Ill., shares how his incentive system keeps his staff motivated and turnover low.

Sanitizing Choices

With the drought ravaging the Southwest, it's costlier than ever for pool owners to drain and fill their pools. We take a closer look at the practice and one product that claims to help.

A Good Filter Fit

Choosing the right filter is all about matching the correct product to a given application.

With Winter Pool Covers, End With the Start in Mind

For a smooth winterizing season, keep this philosophy in mind.

Solar & VSP: Better Together

This pump retrofit combines technologies to powerful effect.

Water Quality Goes Mobile

Builder and water quality advocate Steve Kenny is goin' mobile with a truck-mounted advanced water treatment that comes to the pool.

The Smart Pool Solution?

Two new companies, pHin and Sutro, have created a business model that uses the Internet to offer remote pool water service.

Filtration Nation: Sand Questions

Market-wise, how is sand holding up compared to D.E. and cartridge?

Building Incidental Profits

Your service route provides opportunities for informal product demos that can result in extra APC sales.

60-Mil On The Surface

In some parts of the world, thick, welded liners have become a popular renovation technique as well as a surface option for new construction.

New Thinking: Chlorine/Cyanuric Acid In Balance

There's a powerful argument to be made for rethinking one of the most fundamental aspects of water treatment: the relationship between chlorine and cyanuric acid.

The Potential of ORP

The key to taking advantage of this growing pool care technology is understanding how it works.

Keeping Pool Water Balanced

An exploration of the Langelier Saturation Index and what it means for water balance.

TEFC Pumps: Shelter from the Storm

Despite the expense, a TEFC pump is, for many climes, the ideal choice for the backyard.

Why Chemical Pods Have Staying Power

For busy homeowners and pool and spa servicers alike, pre-packed chemical “pods” might be the wave of the future.

The School of UV

We take an in-depth look at UV, from common misconceptions and maintenance to choosing the correct unit for an application.

Suction APCs: A Workhorse Revisited

To ensure a long life for your suction-driven automatic pool cleaners, keep these tips in mind.

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