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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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Growing Your Moneymaker

Identifying the most profitable products led this dealer to double down on replacement liners.

Take a Load Off

The Roll-n-Vac is an industrial-grade wet/dry vacuum that makes routine tasks like sand filter changes and vinyl liner replacements faster and easier.

$60/Month for Pool Service? No Way!

These lowball service rates just aren’t sustainable — here’s why.

Swimming in Spreadsheets: Cyanuric Acid, Ratios and Problematic Models

The Great CYA debate is one that has raged within the pool and spa industry for decades. Now, a new mathematical model has been created and has begun to enter into this debate.

At Your Service: 2019 Auto Pool Cleaner Roundup

There are a plethora of APCs to choose from, and we've rounded up some of the best on today's market.

Taking Pumps Off the Shelves

In less than two years, new federal regulations will eliminate many of the pool pumps sold today.

Filtration Nation: October 2019

Cleaning tips and winterizing wisdom for faster service stops and better spring openings.

School’s in Session: Teaching Water Chemistry to Homeowners

Teaching pool owners the basics of water chemistry carries significant implications for pool and spa companies, especially retailers.

How to Treat Abandoned Pools

There are myriad reasons why any pool might be abandoned. This Tech Notes will address the effects of abandonment.

Pool Route for Sale!

Buying a pool route is a great way to get a leg up on the competition, but you need to be smart about who you buy from.

Cloudy Water, Algae Problems Worse Than Expected

Key evidence from an Xmente Direct survey provides fresh insight as to the level and type of problems that do-it-yourself consumers are having with their pool water.

73 Ways to Make Pool Service Faster and More Profitable

Using tips and tricks submitted by your colleagues in our annual State of the Industry survey, we present 73 ways to save time on each service stop.

Tech Notes: West Nile Virus

The West Nile Virus can be spread by mosquitoes breeding in stagnant, poorly sanitized pool water. Here's how to prevent it.

What Would You Do: Staying Warm

Service technicians living in seasonal areas know how important it is to protect themselves from the negative effects of colder temperatures.

Essential Third-Party Services You Need to Run Your Pool Business

Outsourcing admin tasks can save you valuable time (and headaches down the line).

Source Water and its Effects on Pool and Spa Maintenance

The quality of the source water is a very important aspect of maintenance.

Running a Service Business: 5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Outsourcing admin tasks can save you valuable time (and headaches down the line).

Outsourcing admin tasks can save you valuable time (and headaches down the line).


Software Integration Means Better Customer Service and Profits

Integrate your business software to better customer service and raise profits.

Gas Pool Heat Banned

Some municipalities are prohibiting natural gas lines in new construction — what does it mean for the future of pool heating?

Pool Sanitizing: A Return to the Simple

Learn the practical benefits of liquid sodium hypochlorite.

Are Discounts a Do or a Don't?

A service technician explains why he doesn’t offer discounts — with one exception.

Hold On To Your Best Workers

A good employee retention rate depends on seeing the job from an employee’s perspective.

Adjusting pH and Alkalinity May Not Be as Simple as You Think

Customers can tailor their spa with popular add-ons and accessories, from cover lifters to spa steps to fragrances and more.

Handing the Pool Over After a Build

The transition period between when a pool is finished and when it’s handed over to the customer is an important time. Here are tips to go about the handoff the right way and put new pool owners at ease.

Tech Notes: Wild Animals in the Water

Recreational water can draw in wild animals from surrounding natural areas, bringing with them illness-causing microbes. Carry out these treatments and precautions.

Is pH 8.0 to 8.5 Okay for Pools?

Chemistry experts explain why there should not be a mandate for closing down swimming pools when the pH is 8.0 to 8.5.

How They Do It in Europe

What can the U.S. learn about water care from our industry colleagues across the Atlantic?

New Age of Pumps: Selling the Homeowners

In preparation for the 2021 new pump regulations, learn how to successfully sell variable speed pumps.

Tech Notes: Preventing Chlorine Gas Leaks

Learn how to prevent chlorine gas leaks and what protocol to follow should one occur.

Tech Notes: Sodium Hypochlorite, AKA "Liquid Chlorine"

Information on the characteristics, effects and proper application of sodium hypochlorite, otherwise known as bleach.

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