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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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Finding the Next Generation

A new generation of pool and spa pros is needed to invigorate a graying industry.

The Next Generation Speaks

In the face of a greying industry, these young people prove the future is in good hands.

Pump Troubleshooting for Pool Openings, Part 2

What to do when a pump starts and fails.

Skimmer Replacement, Part 1

A look at the process, tips and nuances of one of the industry's most common, yet sometimes tricky repairs.

Smartphone Apps for the Service Route

Need help on the service route? There's an app for that.

How to Hire a Hero

Veterans have skills that directly translate to the pool and spa industry. Here's how to hire them.

The Hard Truths About Attracting New Talent to the Pool Industry

"If we are to survive the whirlwind of change that is about to take place, we need visionaries."

The Birth of the Automatic Pool Cleaner

The advent of automatic pool cleaners was both a sign of the times and a harbinger of the future

Skimmer Replacement, Part 2: In With the New

A detailed look at completing a skimmer-replacement project.

What You Need to Know About APSP-16 and VGB ... It's a Game Changer

APSP Standard 16 is changing — we share what's new and who is impacted most.

Models of Consistency

APSP protects the industry by working to prevent unreasonable and burdensome pool and spa regulations.

Service Report 2018: Rising Fortunes

Service Pros well positioned for expansion and growth.

Protect Your Pool From Saltwater

A look at the science behind sacrifical anodes.

Keeping Employees Motivated

Offering benefits and perks will help you retain your employees.

66 Million Gallons of Crystal Clear Water: How Do They Do It?

How do these pools manage to maintain 66 million gallons of cystal clear water?

Pool Step Repair

In cold Northern climates, the top pool step is especially vulnerable to cracks. Here's how to fix it.

Winter Cover Notes

A look at winter covers, from solid tarp to mesh.

Tips for Hiring and Training Service Techs

Advice on how to hire and train employees.

The Secret Life of Hot Tub Covers

Covers present many maintenance challenges. Fortunately, maximizing cover life is mostly a matter of common sense.

Finding Efficiencies

No matter the motive, reducing energy consumption is always a good idea.

How to Size A Pool Heater

"Guesstimates" can work, but a simple calculation yields more-precise results.

Developing Talent: Taking the Long View

Finding good help requires looking beyond the usual places.

ABCs of Algae

Identify and control all types of algae in pool water.

How Having a Pool Business Affects Family

It's all about striking the right balance.

Is Wellness Working?

Hot tub dealers question if embracing the wellness movement could gain traction among consumers and boost sales.

Selling as an Exit Strategy

Don't short change your business! Find out what it's really worth when you're ready to retire.

Winterizing Inground Pools, Step by Step

Following these steps and taking proper precautions will help ensure pool health through the winter season.

The Better Way to Train New Hires

Tailor training to the individual for a stronger (and happier) workforce.

How a Trust Can Protect a Pool Business

Carefully designed trusts can help protect valuable assets and keep your business thriving.

Service Sidekicks

Take a look at a handful of new and exciting automatic pool cleaners available from top industry manufacturers.

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