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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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With a Grain of Salt

A service tech explains why customers in his area are skeptical of salt chlorine generators.

pHin: Here to Stay

With a growing user base and a big partnership with Lonza, pHin is gaining momentum — and shows no signs of slowing down.

In Service of Safety

This service company takes a proactive approach to safety. Why? Because safety is less a matter of what you say, than what you do.

Chloramines in Source Water

Many municipalities use chloramines to treat tap water — which mean they can wind up in the pools you fill. Here's how to remedy the problem.

Why Pool Pumps Overheat — And What You Can Do to Stop it (Part I)

Is your pool pump running too hot? What it means and what to do next.

Why Pool Pumps Overheat — And What You Can Do to Stop it (Part II)

In the second half of our series, we address how to troubleshoot overheating pumps.

Service Report 2017: Sunny Days in the Backyard

Most aspects of the service industry are looking up. The exception: the shrinking workforce. Find out more about the service market as we share our State of the Industry survey results.

Pentair and APSP Team Up for New Education Program

A new Pentair program promotes APSP/ANSI standards — can it provide a blueprint for other manufacturers?

Enzymes: More than Just Nightmare Relief

Enzymes are good in crisis situations, but also for preventing everyday chemistry problems.

Chemical Basics: Cyanuric Acid

Basic facts about the chemical that preserves chlorine in outdoor pools.

How do Ionizers Work?

The APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee explains what ionizers can and can't do.

The Future of VGB

On the 10th anniversary of VGB, APSP President and CEO Rich Gottwald speaks on Capitol Hill about the law’s great impact on water safety.

5 Tips for Proper Winter Pool Cover Installation

Before winterizing season hits, brush up on best practices for installing winter pool covers.

Saving Money, Generating Heat

A new generation of solar technology both generates electricity and heats water in the same panel.

Ozone vs. Cryptosporidium

Cases of crypto have doubled between 2014 and 2016. We examine how it spreads and what service techs can do to kill it.

How Salt Chlorine Generators Work

A primer on electrolytic chlorine generators, from how they function to product precautions.

APC Installation: Outsource or In-House?

Burgeoning sales are bringing in more automatic pool cover work. Is it best to give it to the experts or become the experts?

A Pipe Repair Alternative

Blown-through pipe lining offers a non-invasive solution to pipe repair.

The Pump Law of Unintended Consequences

An Arizona efficiency law has an unexpected side effect: a growing reconditioned pump market.

Industry Figures Urge Readiness for New Pump Standards

A close examination of the new pump standards and how they could affect you.

Decontamination of Spas and Wading (Kiddie) Pools

An overview of procedures for properly, and safely, decontaminating spas and wading pools.

Ozone Mixing Key to Disinfection

Ozone that is not dissolved in spa water and escapes as a gas is wasted.

"You're Doing It Wrong"

Better filtration comes through education, experience.

Dichlor: The Sanitizing Stalwart

An introduction to one of the most trusted products in the pool industry.

Source Water Provides the Baseline

If you don't know what's in your source water, you don't know what's in your pool

Cleaning Up Flooded Pools and Spas

Because there's no telling what contaminates are in floodwater.

Boost Your Net Income

Eliminate wasted minutes in your pool service and give yourself a raise.

Customer Service in the Digital Age

To meet the customer halfway, you have to meet them on their smartphones.

Distributors: The Middleman's Role

Pool pros sound off about distributors

Pump Troubleshooting for Pool Openings, Part 1

In the first of a 2-part series, expert Steve Goodale lists common problems found in pumps when opening pools.

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