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From keeping water balanced and equipment running smoothly to managing rates and routes, a service professional has a lot on his or her mind at any given time. Wondering how to be a better service pro? Dig in.


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How To Take Service Payments

Learn how to handle service payments.

33 Tricks of the Service Trade

Service pool and spa pros across the country share bits of advice on how they make their daily routes go smoother.

Metals and Metal Staining

Learn methods to control the introduction of metals into pools and hot tubs and the chemicals used to prevent and remove them.

Should You Service Pools On A Rainy Day?

What should service techs do when it is raining outside?

What should service techs do when it is raining outside?

Don’t let calcium deposits ruin your tile work.

Chemistry Change Can Signal Leaks

A pool that is losing water is costing you money, time and effort — and it’s affecting water chemistry.

Are You Cut Out to Work on Swimming Pools?

The industry details you don’t tell new hires.

Shock: Oxidation, Superchlorination, Hyperchlorination, and Breakpoint Chlorination

The term shocking covers a vast array of scenarios in swimming pools.

Partial (Soft) Pool Closing

Learn the different practices and benefits of a partial pool closing over the winter season.

Scary Pool Stories

In light of Halloween, beware of these scary pool stories.

Smoke on the Water and Ashes in Your Pool

How to treat an ash-fi lled pool.

25 Thoughts On Your Kids Working in the Industry

Do you want your kids to go into the pool and spa business?

A Guide to Painting Pools and Decks

Painting is a simple and cost-effective way for customers to renovate their pool and deck.

How to Partner With a Realtor to Grow Your Business

How to partner with a realtor to grow your business.

How to Reach Millennials

Learn to motivate your younger employees, so they stick around.

What Pool Service is Like Now

How has the service sector changed in a COVID environment? Top-tier service pros report back.

Most of What You Need to Know About Chemicals for the Upcoming Season

Follow this rulebook to take good care of your customers’ water this season.

Mentoring: Keep Your Crucial Skills In-House

In addition to keeping valuable expertise in-house, mentoring can help your business in lots of ways.

Tips for Starting a New Pool Company

Keep these tips in mind if you’ve become a pool industry entrepreneur, or if you’re just considering it.

Crucial Education is Now Even Easier

Today’s advances in online training allow pool and spa professionals to take courses online and on-the-go.

Pools Are Like Dogs

Dogs are heavily influenced by their environment, just like pools. Follow these steps to turn a bad pool into a good one again.

Signs of the (Service) Times

Amid a summer of long hours and short supplies, service techs report what’s happening on the ground.

Note From Texas: Don't Forget to Winterize Those Filters, Heaters, Pumps and Pipes

The greatest pool winterizing debacle in history teaches us the importance of prepping the pool for the off-season.

Big Money Finds the Service Industry

Powered by investment firms, the process of consolidation in the service sector has accelerated amid the pandemic.

Good Advice for Pool Workers

A few helpful pointers for a long and happy career in the pool and spa industry.

47 More Tricks of the Service Trade

Pool and spa pros across the country share a catalogue of service wisdom to help techs on their daily routes.

How We're Dealing With Inflation

Retailers share how price inflation has impacted their businesses and what they’re doing about it.

Handling More Service with Reduced Staff

Strategies to keep service operations lean and efficient in times of labor shortage.

Dealing with Impaired Workers

Advice for addressing workforce substance abuse.

Pro Tips for Pool Openings

With spring upon us, it’s time to brush up on the basics of pool openings.

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