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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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Failure to Damp-Proof Limestone

When you take the time to protect limestone from moisture, it can retain its charm for decades to come.

Cash For Breaking Ground

Partner with the right lending broker to help get construction started and gain more customers.

Scale Does Tile An Injustice

Don’t let calcium deposits ruin your tile work.

Pool House Treehouse

Excavated rock created the ultimate recycling project: a very cool pool house treehouse.

A Deep Breath, Then on to 2021

Builders refl ect on the record year and the year to come.

How To Properly Bid On A Pool

How to properly bid on a pool.

The Way We Build Now

The pandemic has changed how builders get things done.

A Guide to Painting Pools and Decks

Painting is a simple and cost-effective way for customers to renovate their pool and deck.

Everything New Again

Three builders share their favorite backyard renovations.

Tips for Builders Keeping up With Unprecedented Swimming Pools Demand

A list of things that today’s pool builders can do to increase production capability and reduce stress.

Package Pools: Floors and Walls

For maximum life, vinyl liners need good support.

Start-Up for Plastered Pools

A start-up guide for plaster pools.

It's Time to Charge for Design

If there has ever been a time for pool builders to start charging for design services, it’s now.

COVID's Permanent Changes: Digital Payment

The construction industry took a quantum leap forward in the use of digital technology due to (now permanent) changes during COVID.

Loan Logic

The psychology of the loan is a powerful sales tool for builders.

For What You're Worth

It’s time for builders to place more value on their work.

Splendid Spa Installations

A spa is like a diamond: beautiful by itself, but the setting can really make it soar.

On A Steep Slope

Mountainside construction provides exciting challenges for an engineer/builder who enjoys them.

Carry On, Backyard Renaissance

Data shows that demand for pool construction remains high.

Raising the Bar Through Continuing Education

Why employers send their employees to GENESIS.

Timeless Design

How 18th century aquatic masters can teach today’s pool designers the importance of story and connection with clients.

What Defines Success For a Pool Builder?

What does it mean to be successful as a pool builder?

A Pool at Sea

An island off the Marathon Coast, located a mile from the ocean shore, was a challenging project location for this fiberglass pool builder.

Certifications Coming Into Focus

PHTA announces a new certification regime for builders.

VR in the 18th Century

Pool builders today can learn from an 18th century artist about the power of an immersive experience.

Microglass: A Cure for Plaster Problems?

A new product for protecting and restoring plaster and concrete is receiving a great deal of attention from the industry.

Tributary: A Small Group of Builders Reaching for the Stars

The inside scoop on an exclusive society of top-notch pool designers.

Texas-Sized Acquisitions

Merger of major pool builders in the Dallas area under Concentric Equity Partners.

Building on the Bayou

A challenging Texas remodel left one builder juggling a massive client wish list and wild animal encounters.

A Transformation in Tile

A tale of redemption for a badly delaminated tile pool.

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