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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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The Storied Board

Why the diving board has been on the decline — and why it may be poised for a comeback.

Transforming Design

Skip Phillips builds a gorgeous pool in a bucolic setting.

The Inventive Edge

A new option for creating all-tile perimeter overflow details.

State of the Industry 2014: Builders, Building Momentum

In our ​SOI survey, we asked builders about their revenue, marketing practices, popular choices among customers and more.

Dealing with Low-Balling Pool Builders

When you're a pool builder in a competitive market, you're going to run into them: other builders who low-ball you with super low bids. Here's how you can handle it and lose fewer customers.

Indoors or Outdoors? A Gorgeous Enclosure Makes Both Possible

You could focus on any number of things in this Colorado poolscape, but of particular interest is the remote-controlled sliding enclosure.

The Wide World of Custom Package Pools

From shape, pattern options and new features like steps and shelves, package pools are becoming increasingly custom.

Big League Dreams

An MLB player's pool outside Phoenix stands as a masterpiece in design and construction.

Ask the Pool Guy: Branding Your Business

Pro builder Al Curtis explains why developing a unique brand will help your business succeed.

A Clever Solution

It was a case of the wrong pool at the wrong time. Check out this story and see how builder Randy Beard transformed this pool into a complete hydrotherapy center.

Pursuing Perfection

To keep projects as error-free as possible, rely on common sense measures.

Until the Colors Fade

​Why do pools with black or blue plaster sometimes lose their color?

Pool Restoration: How to Fix a Vanishing Edge

This vanishing edge was not only built incorrectly, it was altered with a shoddy fix. Here, Steve Swanson explains how he repaired this project once and for all.

The Art of Natural-Looking Swimming Ponds

Traditionally, ponds and swimming pools were considered different bodies of water. Now, however, the lines are getting blurred. Here, Bill Renter explains how he walks that line with amazing results.

How Hybrid Pools Can Help Grow Your Business

In his latest column, Al Curtis of Ask the Pool Guy explains how specializing in a unique style of pool helped set himself apart from other builders.

Outdoor Spaces, Comfy Places

Accomplished Landscape Designer Kate Wiseman puts her clients at ease with sincere and straightforward answers about the process of creating outdoor living spaces.

An Inside Look at Creating Outdoor Rooms

How do pool builder create the perfect outdoor living space? Ryan Hughes and Scott Cohen share their thoughts.

State-of-the-Art Spa Details

Take your custom spas to the next level with small, thoughtful details.

Avoiding Electrical Missteps

A mistake in your wiring can be costly — prevent hazards by following this advice.

Stonework In Progress

This pool builder combines creative pebble techniques and stone mosaics to create one-of-a-kind pools that double as works of art.

Tile Installation 101

Glass tile can transform a pool into a work of art — yet working with it requires precise technical skills and a lot of precautionary measures. Here, a tile pro shares her best practices for tile installation.

When Pool Builders Built Bomb Shelters

Thanks to the Cold War, America saw a bomb-shelter construction craze. And who built them? Pool builders.

Splash Pads: Fountains of Youth

A fixture in commercial projects, splash pads are now found in more residential settings than ever.

The Art and Science of Quality

What is quality, and how do you measure it? Pool builder Al Curtis shares his philosophy.

Pool Covers as Art

Flowers, leaves, wood grain and more — automatic pool covers are turning into canvases to showcase whatever a homeowner wants.

Why We Love Reclaimed Materials

Incorporating reclaimed materials breathes new life into your projects. Here, Al Curtis shares a few favorite examples from his portfolio.

Pressure Points

The dreaded "pool pop." How does it happen — and what can you do to prevent it? We discuss the fundamentals.

The Learning Curve — In the Pool Business and In Life

The power of having, and being, a mentor.

Trending Now: Hot Tub Design

Design trends are reaching the hot tub industry in two very different ways.

FRP Instead of Steel

Mark Holden explains how using fiberglass reinforced polymer instead of steel solves some pool construction problems, such as corrosion and conductivity.

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