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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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How Having a Pool Business Affects Family

It's all about striking the right balance.

Acrylic Goes Commercial

Canadian hot tub firm HydroTher offers practical prefabricated solutions for the commercial spa market.

A Masterful Man Cave

A Kentucky builder created a custom spa cavern for a well-heeled homeowner.

The Art of Construction

Pool construction is an art form, a craft and an exercise in overcoming obstacles. Like most art, there is a large element of sacrifice and struggle.

Covers Go Custom

Elaborate designs and water features can be difficult for APCs to accommodate — but manufacturers are keeping up with new, innovative solutions.

LEDs: The New Direction of Pool Lighting

LED lighting fixtures are transforming swimming pool lighting design.

Courage & Experimentation

A Georgia designer/builder pushed his creative and technical limits on this complex and ambitious project.

Elevating Installations

Installing swimming pools in elevated settings, such as high-rise buildings and rooftops, is a challenge that can be aided by turning to concrete alternatives.

The Mod Squad

Modular kitchens offer a customizable solution for budget-conscious customers and space-strapped retailers.

Man vs. Canyon

An Idaho physician digs a pool and lives to tell about it.

The DIY Conundrum

Understand the nuances, complexities and risks that come with DIY projects.

Creating a Sound Experience

Take a look at the basics of setting up outdoor audio systems.

A Technological Sea Change

Take a look at the ways that software, apps and smart devices have (and have not) impacted pool and spa project management.

Fast as Fiberglass

Labor-strapped builders are turning to fiberglass pools to streamline and economize the installation process.

Purveying the Florida Dream

Native Floridian Brett Holland explains his collaborative approach to backyard design.

Something Under the Spa, Under $500

Concrete pad alternatives can help sell price-sensitive customers.

What Makes a Good Distributor?

While competitive pricing is important, it almost always comes down to the relationship.

A Polymer Solution to Pool Finish Challenges

Coatings expert creates a new way to finish pools and spas.

Upselling Spas in the Internet Age

The modern retail customer feels empowered by online research and less dependent on the salesperson for information. This requires some adjustment.

Pool Heater Best Practices

Pool professionals who wish to ensure pool water heats up and stays warm when needed should take the time to review the heater installation for each pool they maintain. Here are some of the critical parameters.

Package Pools in the Mix

Inground package pools keep pace with both concrete and fiberglass in an increasingly competitive sales landscape.

SOI Builder Report 2019: Riding a Surging Wave

How do pool and spa builders feel about the state of the industry? Responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Lessons in Light

Learn the principles of landscape lighting by the water’s edge.

Mind the Gaps

Understanding the purpose and importance of control and expansion joints is a basic matter of education, dedication to quality and on-site awareness.

Limited by Labor

The industry needs to fill pools to fill jobs.

Fiberglass Dropping In

A beach entry installation illustrates fiberglass’ incursion into the gunite market.

Harnessing Nature

Natural swimming pools make slow but steady progress in the U.S. market.

All Fun and Games

A dazzling billiards-inspired swimming pool highlights a game-themed vacation property in central Florida.

Makeover Magic

Cosmetic renovations spell opportunity for firms that offer them and powerful “wow” moments for pool owners looking for affordable upgrades.

Poolside Makeover

New research shows that pool remodeling is getting to be a very big business.

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