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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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'Y' We Have Momentum

APSP's Rich Gottwald explains why the millennial generation holds a lot of promise for the pool and spa industry.

2015 SOI Builder Report: Uprooting Underground Labor

Of the issues impacting the pool and spa construction industry, underground labor remains at the top of the list. We take a close look at the fight against the underground economy and see what measures could potentially curb these unlawful practices.

Custom Contours

With new features and add-ons, vinyl-liner pools are getting more advanced with every pool season. We take a look at what's new and trending.

Form of the Foreman

The jobsite foreman is arguably the most important person in the pool construction process. We take a look at the qualities that make for a standout foreman.

Why Boutique Means Business

If you want to do more creative projects, think like a boutique business.

A Good Filter Fit

Choosing the right filter is all about matching the correct product to a given application.

A Current Affair

Pools with a current are trending right now for both exercise and play.

Case Study: Repairing Structural Cracks

Finding the cause of a crack in a pool — and how to fix it — can require some detective work. Here, a pool builder walks us through the repair process.

Starting with Why

To find fulfillment in the pool and spa industry, ask yourself this question.

Creating Luxurious, Water-Conscious Designs

Barefoot Pools and Custom Landscapes is working to stay ahead of the curve by providing sensible water-saving solutions that still look beautiful.

Why Happiness Matters

This builder’s philosophy: If you’re happy in your work, customer happiness will follow. Do you agree?

Painting With Water and Stone

A thrilling backyard doesn’t need to come with slides, swings or grottos. It can also come in the form of boldly original design.

Comin' Down Fast

We take a look at slides, who's buying them and why they're still a powerhouse part of the pool market.

VGB: Cracking The Code

While VGB altered the way commercial pools were plumbed and made them safer, it contained no mandatory provisions for backyard pools.

VGB's Legacy: Drainless Fiberglass Pools

Seven years after VGB was implemented, some manufacturers wonder if main drains are a necessity at all.

As Light as Foam

This innovative material offers a lightweight solution to rooftop projects.

Drought and Pools: The Long View

A look at how the industry is faring in the drought battle and what the future may hold.

How to Apply Shotcrete

Bill Drakeley shares tips for properly building stout, durable concrete shells.

The School of UV

We take an in-depth look at UV, from common misconceptions and maintenance to choosing the correct unit for an application.

Why Caves and Grottos are Easy, Profitable Pool Add-Ons

Artificial rock offers an easy way to create that natural stone look without breaking the bank. We walk through the main considerations with the material and how to install it.

A Pocket Guide to Building Vanishing Edge Pools

Advice for avoiding costly errors in vanishing edge projects.

5 Common Fiberglass Concerns, Addressed

Despite the widening acceptance of fiberglass pools, lingering questions remain in the minds of some, often as throwbacks to an earlier era of pool building.

Preventing Structural Failures with Soils Reports

How often do you get a soils report before starting a build? Without one, you run the risk of significant cracks and structural failures. Bill Rowley shares more.

Is Fiber-Reinforced Concrete the Material of the Future?

Most people understand that adding fibrous material to concrete makes it stronger. But why? We explore the different varieties of fibers and why they’re useful in many backyard applications.

Does the Future Hold 25 Million New Pools?

Pkdata shares a by-the-numbers look at the market potential for our industry.

2016 SOI Builder Report: Building Optimism

What are the biggest challenges pool and spa builders see today? How do they stay on top of education? How do they pitch to potential clients? We share the answers to those questions and more.

The Unreal Future of Pool Design

Structure Studios is unveiling its new augmented reality app. What does that mean, and how does it work? We explain the details.

Closing the Comfort Gap in Custom Spas

Builders and manufacturers are pushing the envelope with new designs that make custom spas as comfortable as they are beautiful.

What's a 'Pergola' Anyway?

What’s the difference between a pergola and a ramada? What’s a belvedere, and what the heck is a loggia? Consider this your dictionary for all things backyard shade.

How YouTube Can Lead to More (And Better) Pool Customers

After six years uploading videos to YouTube, Al Curtis and his team at Legendary Escapes say YouTube is an essential marketing tool for pool builders. So — are you ready for your closeup?

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