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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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Why LED Lights are Taking the Industry by Storm

LEDs now account for more than half of the lighting market, and it’s easy to see why: They’re long lasting, energy-efficient and, most important for pool builders, they offer a rainbow of color possibilities. We explain more about the trend.

Burning Bright: Why Fire Features are Hot Right Now

Customers love fire elements — in fact, many builders say it’s the most common requires in their new pool designs. Here, we explore the trend in depth and learn why it won’t burn out anytime soon.

How to Design with Purpose

Bradley Renken explains his design philosophy, which places a heavy emphasis on the “why” behind each element of a project.

Why Automation is Not Optional

For today's consumers, the ability to automate water chemistry, pumps, features, etc., is an expectation.

Building Business with Drop-In Spas

Want to increase profits? Start adding drop-in spas to your projects.

The Enduring Appeal of Wooden Hot Tubs

The hot tub industry as we know it started out with the wooden tub — and now, decades later, wooden spas remain a vibrant niche within the hot water industry.

How to Properly Place and Install Underwater Speakers

Installing underwater speakers? Builder Paolo Benedetti offers expert advice to keep in mind.

The Secret Behind Emotionally Compelling Landscape Design

Why do some landscapes create a deeply emotional response, and others don’t? A landscape designer shares his perspective, as well as advice for your future design work.

Success Beyond the Pool

A second-generation pool pro finds thinking beyond the water's edge is rewarding both creatively and financially.

Lawful or Successful

Title 20​ has been the law in California for nine years​, ​but ​some ​still ​ignore the law ​on pump replacements.

How is a $40 Million Project Like a $40,000 Project?

​An engineer ​of epic waterparks share​s​ ​his perspective.

Melding Old and New

A builder uses both hand renderings and 3-D printed models to help design and sell pools.

What Makes A Top-Notch Pool Salesperson?

Being well-educated, positive and trustworthy are just a few ways you can get more contracts signed.

Amplifying the Backyard with Audio/Visual Design

A custom builder shares his journey into poolside AV systems.

Conserve and Protect

A new standard is designed to help conserve water and protect the industry from overregulation.

Demand for Fiberglass Doubles — Experts Explain Why

Thanks to thriving consumer demand, fiberglass sales have doubled since 2006. Here, pros explain why the product is growing in popularity.

Dining by Design

Outdoor living expert Scott Cohen shares his strategy for designing outdoor kitchens: Focus on what's on the menu.

Introducing the Unknown Control

Why should pool builders have to “Frankenstein” a control system from other products to meet their client’s needs? It’s time for control manufacturers to catch up to the needs of today’s market.

Package Pool Iinstallation Pointers

Practical advice for top-notch package pool installations.

Builder Report 2017: Optimism Abounds

Builders serve on the front line for the pool and spa industry; if things are going well in their market, the rest of the industry follows suit. Luckily, this year’s survey results found a record high level of optimism in the builder market.

Furnish with Fire

From fuel types to aesthetics and placement, we discuss the breadth of design possibilities fire pits provide.

Those Crucial First Meetings

Builder Chris Anderson explains how he navigates the first phone call and in-person meeting with a potential client.

Transparent Pools: Over the Edge of Pool Design

Just top Did you see the viral video of the glass-bottom pool in Texas? We talk to the firm behind the project and discuss the popularity of transparent pools.

The Future of VGB

On the 10th anniversary of VGB, APSP President and CEO Rich Gottwald speaks on Capitol Hill about the law’s great impact on water safety.

The Wide World of Custom Spas

There's more to spas than gunite and portable — these builders and manufacturers are proof.

The Jigsaw Waterslide

Modular slides offer pre-fabricated convenience as well as the customization required to create a sophisticated design that melts into the landscape.

Is it a Pool? Is it a Spa? No! It's a Spool!

These small, yet versatile pools provide an ideal solution for homeowners with limited space.

Rooftop Sophistication

An Awards of Excellence-winning hot tub installation defies gravity

Rendering the Future

A look at how digital design technology has evolved and changed the pool and spa industry

A Legitimate Question

How do industry professionals build legitimacy and credibility with clients? The answer is both simple and complex.

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