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The pool and spa industry has always wowed the world with gorgeous bodies of water. However, it takes a lot of work to get there. From meeting clients and landing projects to shotcrete installation, plastering and plumbing, here’s a look at what builders go though to reach that beautiful ending.


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Those Shocking Stickers

Many homeowners underestimate the cost of a pool build. Here are a few key strategies that can help your clients adjust to making a major purchase.

Light Without Wires

The future of pool illumination may belong to induction-powered lights that eliminate the problems of electric current around the pool.

Growing Your Moneymaker

Identifying the most profitable products led this dealer to double down on replacement liners.

A Hobbit Swims Here

This backyard has a pool and surrounding landscape that is all about fun, fantasy and hobbits.

Taking Pumps Off the Shelves

In less than two years, new federal regulations will eliminate many of the pool pumps sold today.

Rise of the Tanning Shelf

Tanning shelves carry significant implications for pool design and function. But they also come with a surprising list of specific decisions and a handful of technical challenges. Here's your guide.

Throwing Shade in Outdoor Spaces

Shade structures offer the protection homeowners need to utilize their outdoor spaces year-round.

Built in a Sand Trap

Long Island designer/builder Steve Kenny describes a catastrophic project failure and the lengths required to regain a firm footing.

How to Build a Wall

A pool builder explains how he achieves structurally sound, above-grade concrete walls.

Customizing the Hot Water Experience

Prefabricated custom spas provide the highest functions of hydrotherapy, wellness and experience.

Adventures in Pool Building: Baja, California

A remote location and extreme conditions produce an epic tale of construction.

Pool Builder Blunders: Flex Tubing

Welcome to Pool Builder Blunders, a new series examining common construction missteps, omissions and mistakes.

Avoiding Construction Litigation

The key to avoiding a lawsuit, and all the costs and frustration that go with it, is to first understand the nature of conflict and what leads to it in the first place.

Isn't it Good, This Norwegian Wood?

Kebony is a strong hardwood that has the convenience of composite material.

The Whole Experience

Here's what to keep in mind when expanding your offerings to address the entire backyard experience.

Gas Pool Heat Banned

Some municipalities are prohibiting natural gas lines in new construction — what does it mean for the future of pool heating?

Introducing the Blue Diffusions Step

This is not a vinyl over step; it is an acrylic, printed step matching the Blue Diffusions liner pattern.

FIberglass: The Builder Friendly Product

Fiberglass pools are growing, partly because they offer efficiencies in scheduling and labor allocation.

Basic Drainage

Drainage is a critical but often overlooked element of the pool and landscape construction process. Luckily, problems due to lack of drainage are entirely preventable.

Builder Blunders: Reusing Rebound

Despite the temptation to reuse rebound to reduce shotcrete installation costs, doing so is always the wrong choice.

AB5 Unsettles California's Service Sector

A new law went into effect in California that reclassified hundreds of thousands of contract laborers and employees, leaving industry insiders divided.

Hold On To Your Best Workers

A good employee retention rate depends on seeing the job from an employee’s perspective.

The Automation Opportunity

Routinely informing customers of their control options, and many other technical upgrades, is a great market strategy.

Handing the Pool Over After a Build

The transition period between when a pool is finished and when it’s handed over to the customer is an important time. Here are tips to go about the handoff the right way and put new pool owners at ease.

Builder Blunders: No Hooking Allowed

This age-old concrete-installation practice is a classic blunder that should be forever abandoned.

New Age of Pumps: Selling the Homeowners

In preparation for the 2021 new pump regulations, learn how to successfully sell variable speed pumps.

Shifting Shapes

The limitations of aboveground pools prompted these builders to look to inground and semi-inground pools as a solution.

Builder Blunders: Lack of Equipment Bonding

All swimming pool equipment that contains metal should be bonded.

Success in Renovation

Builders see a rise in renovation requests, as homeowners redirect their vacation budget to the backyard.

Brightening The Fiberstars

Learn the benefi ts of replacing Fiberstars systems with LED lights.

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