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Every year, AQUA sends out a survey to our readership, asking how their businesses fared and where the industry is headed. That information is compiled into our annual State of the Industry issue. If you're looking to get a leg up, or see what's coming down the pipeline, start here.



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Retail Report 2017: Brick and Mortar, Empowered

We share the results of our industry-wide survey. In short: Things are looking up.

Builder Report 2017: Optimism Abounds

Builders serve on the front line for the pool and spa industry; if things are going well in their market, the rest of the industry follows suit. Luckily, this year’s survey results found a record high level of optimism in the builder market.

Service Report 2017: Sunny Days in the Backyard

Most aspects of the service industry are looking up. The exception: the shrinking workforce. Find out more about the service market as we share our State of the Industry survey results.

2017 SOI Hot Tub Report: An Industry on the Rise

Despite price-focused shoppers, our State of the Industry survey results find spa dealers are reporting sales growth.

Stars are Aligned for the Pool and Hot Tub Industry

APSP's guest economist shares how leading indicators are pointing to an optimistic outlook for the industry.

Competitors for Discretionary Dollars

We look at the products that compete with pool and spa purchases: RVs, boats and vacations.

How High is Up?

New research in the hot tub industry show sales are on their way towards pre-recession highs.

2019 Retail Report

2019 promises a robust operating environment, as a growing economy supports more cash register activity. But is a recession on the horizon?

Learning for Leaders

Continual education is imperative for success in pools/spas — and that includes management and company leadership.

Inflating Potential

A market analysis points to a bright future for inflatable/portable pools.

Financing: Turning Backyard Dreams into Reality

New financing options are making it easier for customers to say "yes."

A Magnet For Young Talent

How can pool and spa companies keep smart young people on board? Be attractive.

Millenials: Reaching the Generation We Need

The term “millennial” is casually bandied about as a catchall synonym for fresh-faced youth, but that’s a mistake that can blind managers to the genuinely different needs of a major section of their staff.

A Wave Worth Catching

Young pros are shaping the future of the industry in the WAVE Young Professionals Network.

SOI Retail Report 2019: Strong and Steady

How do pool and spa retailers feel about the future of the industry? We share the results of our 2019 survey.

SOI Service Report 2019: Overdrive

Our 2019 survey says these are undeniably great years to be in the service business.

SOI Builder Report 2019: Riding a Surging Wave

How do pool and spa builders feel about the state of the industry? Responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Limited by Labor

The industry needs to fill pools to fill jobs.

Small Business Health Insurance

Find the best health insurance plan for your employees.

Do Pools Add Real Estate Value?

It depends on the zip code.

Brick-and-Mortar Relief

Dealers have struggled to compete against the internet for years. Today, the biggest manufacturers in the pool industry are taking steps to help.

Rising With the Sun

Photovoltaic power generation gains momentum in the pool industry, and beyond.

Convincing New Professionals to Stay

Helping younger employees identify the goals they can reach is a simple, efficient way to keep them committed.

5 Hard Truths of Hiring

Are you REALLY trying hard enough to find employees?

Education First

Following the merger that created PHTA, education is a top priority as the organization pledges to preserve what's working and fill in the gaps.

5 Hard Truths of Staff Retention

Hint: You need to invert your thinking and put your employees first.

Who Will Run the Business Tomorrow?

For those getting underway with their succession planning, here are three key tips to increase the likelihood of a smooth transition and a lucrative close.

Taking Pumps Off the Shelves

In less than two years, new federal regulations will eliminate many of the pool pumps sold today.

The Real Estate Connection

The pool industry’s relationship with realtors is one worth investing in.

Getting to Know Sabeena Hickman, PHTA’s New CEO

After an exhaustive nationwide search, PHTA has settled on its new president/CEO: Sabeena Hickman. Here, those involved in the hiring process explain what made her such a standout and what they hope she brings to the organization.

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