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Every year, AQUA sends out a survey to our readership, asking how their businesses fared and where the industry is headed. That information is compiled into our annual State of the Industry issue. If you're looking to get a leg up, or see what's coming down the pipeline, start here.



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Letting Go: The Art of Launching Your Company into a Future Without You

Five industry icons offer insight into succession planning, preserving your legacy and setting the stage for your company’s success long after you’ve stepped away.

From One Season to the Next

Following this advice can make the staffing cycle easier — and your company stronger.

Retail Forecast 2020

Retailers face a challenging economic environment in 2020. Happy consumers and low interest rates are supporting a decent economy. But a looming recession and shaky stock market are contributing to a slowdown in business activity.

From Pool Covers to Pump Motors, PHTA Makes Strides in Government Efforts

PHTA is advocating for the industry on a wide range of topics, including labeling for water-conserving pool covers, standards for energy-efficiency pool pump motors, summer work and travel visas, and tariff exclusions.

After Stumbling, PHTA Corrects Course with Plans to Fine-Tune Education Programs

PHTA works to consolidate educational offerings following the merger and sets a course for the future.

Younger Than 40? Check Out the Wave Young Professionals Network

Although WAVE launched in 2012, 2020 is shaping up to be the program’s most productive year yet, with more social, networking and educational opportunities than ever before.

AB5 Unsettles California's Service Sector

A new law went into effect in California that reclassified hundreds of thousands of contract laborers and employees, leaving industry insiders divided.

The Hidden Potential of Professional Outreach

The pool and spa industry should be reaching out to other categories of professionals to secure future abundance and security.

PHTA Adds Membership Categories for Teachers and Students

Adding new membership categories for instructors and students is one of the latest moves by PHTA, which aims to increase overall membership by 5% in 2020.

The High Road to Prosperity

Some industry professionals believe sharing their business information and equipment leads to mutual growth.

Drugs Impact the Bottom Line

Designing workplace rules that address marijuana use is easier said that done. See what protocol is out there that you may want to follow.

401k Solution Offered to PHTA Members

PHTA now offers members a unique 401k program.

SOI Retail Report: Confidence in Numbers

Dealers adjust to concerns with competition from the internet, but still reported strong numbers for 2019.

SOI Hot Tub Report: Strong Sales

The majority of survey takers reported an increase in portable spa sales, and swim spas further cemented themselves as a growing market.

SOI Service Report: Pillar of the Industry

It is a great time to be taking care of pools and spas. Some companies even reported a need to turn down business because the demand was too high.

SOI Builder Report 2020: Labor Crunch Tainted An Otherwise Spectacular Year

Builders reported a spectacular year with one familiar refrain: lots of work and too few people to do it.

Post-COVID, Will More People Be Sheltering at Home?

The home will fill a larger role in a world that just learned the dangers of a global pandemic.

SOI Review and Forecast

Pkdata reports the pool and spa industry was the first to get a real injection: the surge in demand for residential pool construction.

Industry Trends to Expect in 2021

PHTA members predict the top industry trends for the upcoming season.

2021 SOI Service Report

Pushed to the limits and forced to adapt, the service sector learned all that it’s capable of this past year.

2021 SOI Retail Report

It was a year of flexibility and change — but pool and spa retailers rose to the occasion.

2021 SOI Hot Tub Report

Supply problems tainted an otherwise wildly successful year in spa sales.

2021 SOI Builder Report

Builders reported a year of dramatic change, from customer interactions to lead management, labor and more.

2022 SOI Retail Report

Retailers reflecting on the season behind them reported frustration over getting product, hiring skilled workers, and price inflation. But it was also another record year of growth and excitement for the year ahead.

2022 SOI Hot Tub Report

2021 didn't top the record-breaking year that was 2020, but the hot tub industry reported another year of strong numbers, despite the challenge of product shortages and price increases.

2022 SOI Service Report

Although demand stayed high and kept service businesses booming, the pandemic’s toughest challenges — namely, supply and labor shortages — bled over into 2022.

2022 SOI Builder Report

Last year was full of changes for pool construction. Supply, pricing and labor remained key issues, but a the market remained steady and strong.

The Post-Pandemic Pool Pitch

As pool prices continue to rise, builders are placing a higher emphasis on financing.

Saving Water at the Filter

The choice of pool filter type impacts water usage, which is important in drought-stricken areas.

When Workers Become Rivals

Businesses must take steps to ensure they don’t lose valuable information when employees leave for the competition.

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