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The pool’s sister product, the hot tub is more than just a vessel of hot water — it’s a gateway to relaxation, improved health and better relationships between the people who spend time in them. For dealers looking to get more hot tubs out the door, study up on these articles.


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Alice Cunningham: On Outside Influences

A hot tub pioneer on the importance of learning from sources beyond the industry.

Is "Virtual" The New Reality of Spa Sales?

Bullfrog Spas debuts a new virtual reality system it hopes will drive traffic to its dealers.

Solo Artists: Why These Dealers Sell Tubs — and Skip Pools

Spa dealers explain the benefits of specializing in the hot tub market.

From Solo Owner to ESOP

This spa dealer formed an employee stock ownership plan to reward employees and facilitate succession.

Spa Soup: Why We Dump Spa Water

"Does my spa really need to be drained?" your customer asks. Yes, it does — here's why.

2017 SOI Hot Tub Report: An Industry on the Rise

Despite price-focused shoppers, our State of the Industry survey results find spa dealers are reporting sales growth.

Hot Tubs: As Good as Exercise

A simple slogan could do wonders to raise our industry's profile.

Crossing Enemy Lines

Some spa dealers are partnering with an unlikely company, Costco, to grow their business.

Swim Spa Currents

Sales rise as homeowners begin to see swim spas as a "pool alternative"

Switching Sides, Switching Lines

Three spa dealers explain why it sometimes pays to switch spa lines.

The Hot Tub Health Movement

With powerful scientific data behind us, the hot tub industry needs to focus on the wellness message. These three pros explain how they're doing just that.

A Geofence Around Your Customers

A cutting-edge digital marketing strategy has spurred hot tub sales at Valley Pool & Spa.

Rooftop Sophistication

An Awards of Excellence-winning hot tub installation defies gravity

Retail Wisdom (From Other Retailers)

A retail expert shares what lessons P/S retailers can learn from other businesses

Hiring Hot Tub Salespeople

Eight tips to make the process as painless as possible.

How High is Up?

New research in the hot tub industry show sales are on their way towards pre-recession highs.

Is Wellness Working?

Hot tub dealers question if embracing the wellness movement could gain traction among consumers and boost sales.

Make Way, Macy's!

A hot tub retailer moves into a mall location.

Acrylic Goes Commercial

Canadian hot tub firm HydroTher offers practical prefabricated solutions for the commercial spa market.

A Masterful Man Cave

A Kentucky builder created a custom spa cavern for a well-heeled homeowner.

The Right Way to Approach Hot Water Care

An industry pro explains what service techs should keep in mind when managing hot tub water.

5 Hot Tub Retail Mistakes — And How to Fix Them

Two retail experts share what turns customers off.

Something Under the Spa, Under $500

Concrete pad alternatives can help sell price-sensitive customers.

Customize the Spa Experience With Accessories

The hot tub experience may start with the tub — but that's only the beginning. Take a look at the newest spa accessories from leading manufacturers.

Upselling Spas in the Internet Age

The modern retail customer feels empowered by online research and less dependent on the salesperson for information. This requires some adjustment.

SOI Hot Tub Report 2019: Full Steam Ahead

According to our 2019 SOI survey results, it was another generous year in spa sales.

SOI Hot Tub Report 2019: Full Steam Ahead

According to our 2019 SOI survey results, it was another generous year in spa sales.

Unique Aspects of Hot Water Chemistry and Testing

Learn the important differences between pool and spa water care.

Need a Lift?

Not only do spa covers and removal systems heighten customer accessibility and satisfaction, they are easy add-ons to increase your bottom line. Take a look at what's available on today's market.

How to Sell 300,000 Hot Tubs Next Year

There is a significant level of interest in hot tubs today. Unfortunately, we are losing 85% of would-be buyers.

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