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The pool’s sister product, the hot tub is more than just a vessel of hot water — it’s a gateway to relaxation, improved health and better relationships between the people who spend time in them. For dealers looking to get more hot tubs out the door, study up on these articles.


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A 3-D Spa Configurator

An online product configurator takes customers from specs all the way to the final price.

Turn Up the Heat: 2019 Portable Spa Roundup

If you're looking to fill your showroom or simply be inspired, take a look at the latest hot tub models from some of the industry's top manufacturers.

Customizing the Hot Water Experience

Prefabricated custom spas provide the highest functions of hydrotherapy, wellness and experience.

Putting the "Hot" in Hot Tub

With more than one way to heat a hot tub, here is a look at spa heating strategies and technology.

Let's Get Personal: 2020 Spa Accessories Roundup

Robert Lowry explains why some water conditions have an effect on the amount of acid needed to accurately adjust pH and alkalinity.

The Cyuranic Acid Debate? Not For Hot Tubs

While the trade continues to debate the pros and cons of cyanuric acid (CYA) for swimming pools, there are a number of studies including a conclusion from the CDC that CYA has no place in a hot tub.

How to Make Online Hot Tub and Swim Spa Sales Easier

This guide will help dealers navigate the art and science of selling both hot tubs and swim spas remotely.

The Next Logical Step: Automatic Spa Covers

Spa owners like the convenience of an auto cover, too.

Spa Covers: Conquering COVID Challenges

From material shortages to workplace restrictions, spa cover suppliers share how they adapted during the pandemic.

Swim Spas vs. Spas

Identifying key differences in the swim spa sales process.

Get With the Used Hot Tub Program

A look at growth and strategies in the used hot tub sector.

Report: State of the Hot Tub Industry

The pandemic created a massive demand for residential hot tubs, but delays in key products continue to challenge the industry.

Splendid Spa Installations

A spa is like a diamond: beautiful by itself, but the setting can really make it soar.

How to Pre-Sell Hot Tubs Via Email

Successful email marketing strategies to pre-sell hot tub prospects before they ever set foot in the door.

An Alliance to Sell Spas

New England Spas has formed a unique partnership program with its neighboring dealers, with the goal to sell more spas.

Shoot for the Stars

Galaxy Home Recreation shares best practices to manage rapid retail growth, having grown substantially over the pandemic period.

Spa Chemicals: The Supporting Cast

Technical experts discuss the supporting roles of chemicals that help to keep spa water clear and balanced.

Custom and Commercial Spa Installations

The differences in residential spa installations versus commercial projects are vast, but the goal is the same: a satisfied customer.

Deadly RWI: Legionellosis

The Legionellosis disease, which got its name from an American Legion convention, invades the lungs via tiny airborne droplets of unsanitized water. It has caused a number of disastrous large scale outbreaks.

A Cold You’ll Want to Catch

The ice bath market is growing as health-conscious consumers learn the benefits of cold water therapy.

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