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The pool’s sister product, the hot tub is more than just a vessel of hot water — it’s a gateway to relaxation, improved health and better relationships between the people who spend time in them. For dealers looking to get more hot tubs out the door, study up on these articles.


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Local Hero

Getting involved in your community can improve your sales, customer relationships and public standing.

September 2014 Portable Spas Product Focus

Hot tubs are getting cooler and cooler every year. Take a look at our roundup of portable spa models to see what we mean.

The Dynamic Dealer

How did this hot tub dealer become one of the strongest in the country? Check out his sales philosophy.

State-of-the-Art Spa Details

Take your custom spas to the next level with small, thoughtful details.

Pool and Spa Retail: Lessons Learned

Running a pool and spa retail business is really a long, expensive education. Hopefully, you never have to listen to the same lecture twice.

This Luxurious Showroom Says it All

Granite countertops, strategically placed track lighting, even a full-scale inground pool — this showroom shows off all the options available for potential pool and spa buyers and makes the shopping experience feel luxe.

The New Marketing "Principal"

Bullfrog Spas shows they're on the cutting edge of advertising with "The Principal," a consumer-focused web series.

Trending Now: Hot Tub Design

Design trends are reaching the hot tub industry in two very different ways.

Millennials in Hot Water

Are millennials buying hot tubs? This dealer says yes — and finds the sales process can be a lot different than selling to a typical buyer. Here’s what you need to know.

Meet the V-Dub Tub, One Cool Marketing Tool

The V-Dub Tub: German automotive engineering wrapped around a Hot Spring spa.

7 Tips for Spa Cover and Lifter Sales

With the proper spa cover, customers can enjoy their hot tub more easily — and more often. Here, spa cover and lifter manufacturers share their best sales advice.

These Guys Heart Hot Tubs

This company turned to online videos as a way to promote a new showroom. What they didn’t expect? That the videos would go viral and reach nearly 80,000 views.

The 3 Keys to a Hot Tub Sale

The door to your store swings open. The person standing there could be your next hot tub sale. Are you prepared?

The Power of the Freebie

A St. Louis-area spa retailer explains how adding in a free item can tip the sale in your favor.

State Fair Hot Tub Sales: How to Win Big

Planning on exhibiting at the state fair? Competition can be steep, but special event pricing and employee incentives are just a couple ways you can see success.

2016 SOI Hot Tub Retail Report

What portable spa models are most popular with customers? What features pique their interest? We answer these questions and more in our SOI hot tub report.

Texas Retailer Stages Incredible Turnaround

With drought conditions threatening to close his business, this retailer pivoted to focus on hot tubs with impressive results.

Bromine Generation in Hot Tubs: A Chemistry Primer

We explain why bromine can be such a great match for hot water applications.

Closing the Comfort Gap in Custom Spas

Builders and manufacturers are pushing the envelope with new designs that make custom spas as comfortable as they are beautiful.

'Imagining' a New Store Concept

In this showroom, vignettes highlight the many ways hot tubs and outdoor living go hand in hand.

Heath and Hot Water: The History of Nature's 'Hot Tub'

We look at the history of these soothing baths and how they became tourism hot spots around the world.

The Mystery of the Burned Spa Cover

Some hot tub owners report seeing small burn holes in their hot tub covers — where do they come from?

Born in the USA: The History of Portable Spas

We walk through the history of the portable spa, from wine vat to fiberglass to the acrylic beauties we see today.

In the Hot Seat: 4 Top Spa Dealers Discuss the Hot Tub Industry

How is the North American hot tub market looking right now? We spoke to retailers to find out.

Healthy Hot Water

A look at the hot tub makers and dealers leading the wellness movement.

The Jet Set: How Are Hot Tub Jet Configurations Developed?

​Today's spa jet arrays are design​ed to do much more than put up a wall of pressurized water. Placement strategies can enhance the hydrotherapy experience.

Building Business with Drop-In Spas

Want to increase profits? Start adding drop-in spas to your projects.

The Enduring Appeal of Wooden Hot Tubs

The hot tub industry as we know it started out with the wooden tub — and now, decades later, wooden spas remain a vibrant niche within the hot water industry.

Tapping into the Resort Market

A spa dealer in Aspen explains the big business of resort sales.

Selling Spas to a Wealthy Clientele

How is the spa sales process different when your customer base is especially wealthy? Valet service, for starters.

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