Marketing today covers so much: your website, social media, SEO, TV ads and email, just to name a few. It also evolves quickly — it can be hard to keep up, right? Here, you can bone up on the latest developments in marketing, including strategies that work for other pros, to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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A Legendary Marketing Strategy

Haviland’s new web series started as a fun experiment — but could it help raise our industry’s profile?

Big Goals, Small Goals

Help your business reach new heights by setting goals the right way.

2019 Retail Report

2019 promises a robust operating environment, as a growing economy supports more cash register activity. But is a recession on the horizon?

Building an Email List in 2019

An industry marketing expert explains how to upload an email list to Facebook for dirt-cheap conversions.

What Would You Do? Fake Facebook Reviews

Should you speak up over false Facebook reviews or simply keep quiet? Industry pros share their insights.

5 Hot Tub Retail Mistakes — And How to Fix Them

Two retail experts share what turns customers off.

Automatic Pool Covers: The Everyday Essential

The convenient cover permeates the mid-range pool market.

The Real, Scientific Benefits of Swimming

What people don't know about the benefits of swimming could help them.

Why Customers Leave

Understanding why your customers decide to take their business elsewhere is critical, if not at times a little painful.

Upselling Spas in the Internet Age

The modern retail customer feels empowered by online research and less dependent on the salesperson for information. This requires some adjustment.

The Offline Difference

There are advantages smaller shops can leverage against the digital tide.

Make More Money Selling Salt Chlorine Generators

A salt chlorine generator is not just a product you sell and walk away from. Instead, they require ongoing customer support and education, which could lead to a regular stream of profit for your business.

Need Help With Your 'Help Wanted' Ads?

Take a close look at how three pool and spa companies tackle recruiting.

The Grill Market is Heating Up

Pool and spa retailers who enter the growing grill market lean on vendors for customer support, lead generation and more.

3 Ways to Pull Ahead of Your Competition Online

Here are three major ways to outperform competitors online that often go overlooked.

Do Pools Add Real Estate Value?

It depends on the zip code.

The Deadly Dozen — Part 1

There are 12 company-crushing killers that may be lurking in your business right now — here are the first four.

Those Shocking Stickers

Many homeowners underestimate the cost of a pool build. Here are a few key strategies that can help your clients adjust to making a major purchase.

Brick-and-Mortar Relief

Dealers have struggled to compete against the internet for years. Today, the biggest manufacturers in the pool industry are taking steps to help.

What to Know Before Getting a Wrap

Sign Edge Owner Jim Hagen breaks down what pool and spa pros should know before deciding on a wrap for a work vehicle.

The Deadly Dozen — Part 2

There are 12 company-crushing killers that may be lurking in your business right now — here are the next four.

Convincing New Professionals to Stay

Helping younger employees identify the goals they can reach is a simple, efficient way to keep them committed.

Growing Your Moneymaker

Identifying the most profitable products led this dealer to double down on replacement liners.

5 Hard Truths of Hiring

Are you REALLY trying hard enough to find employees?

5 Hard Truths of Staff Retention

Hint: You need to invert your thinking and put your employees first.

The Deadly Dozen - Part 3

In recent issues, we’ve uncovered six of the 12 company-crushing killers that may be lurking in your business. This month we focus on the deadliest wasters of sales and marketing energy and talent.

Reputation Management: What is it and Why Should You Care?

There are two categories of reputation management: offline and online. Here's an introduction to a number of techniques you can try both in-person and on the web.

The Real Estate Connection

The pool industry’s relationship with realtors is one worth investing in.

Letting Go: The Art of Launching Your Company into a Future Without You

Five industry icons offer insight into succession planning, preserving your legacy and setting the stage for your company’s success long after you’ve stepped away.

Local Digital Marketing: Best Practices for Pool and Spa Companies

Make the most of online opportunities to get more feet through your door.

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