Marketing today covers so much: your website, social media, SEO, TV ads and email, just to name a few. It also evolves quickly — it can be hard to keep up, right? Here, you can bone up on the latest developments in marketing, including strategies that work for other pros, to help keep you ahead of the curve.

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Essential Third-Party Services You Need to Run Your Pool Business

Outsourcing admin tasks can save you valuable time (and headaches down the line).

Bad Advice From Good Marketing People

Think twice before you start a blog.

Make Your Business Stand Up in a Slump

Retailers can survive a dip in the economy — and thrive — if they retool their operations well in advance.

Hold On To Your Best Workers

A good employee retention rate depends on seeing the job from an employee’s perspective.

The Automation Opportunity

Routinely informing customers of their control options, and many other technical upgrades, is a great market strategy.

Thinking Big and Small: A One-Two Marketing Approach That Works for Pool and Spa Companies

This case study explains how a pool builder used Facebook/Google to generate hundreds of phone inquiries and a direct increase in store traffic.

The High Road to Prosperity

Some industry professionals believe sharing their business information and equipment leads to mutual growth.

Boost Your Digital Communication

Boost your digital communication with an all-in-one customer interaction platform.

Sales Promotions: Timely Offers Increase Sales and Profits

Today’s software technology can pre-plan your events and ease in-season stress.

The 5 Most Common Website Mistakes that Could Be Costing You Money

It’s a good time to take a look at your company website and make some improvements, as this is a task that can be done from a home computer.

A Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Fights Back

Implementing technology into your showroom can increase sales and enhance the overall customer experience.

Selling APCs in an Online World

Retailers share best practices for selling automatic pool cleaners in today’s market.

How to Make Online Hot Tub and Swim Spa Sales Easier

This guide will help dealers navigate the art and science of selling both hot tubs and swim spas remotely.

Partner With a Pop-Up Restaurant

A pop-up event is a fun and responsible way to increase store traffic.

Tips for Managing Your Pool Business in 2021

Tips on how to plan and be successful in the new year.

Let Automation Smooth Your Journey Through 2021

Over two dozen easy-to-implement steps of automation to help your journey through 2021.

How to Partner With a Realtor to Grow Your Business

How to partner with a realtor to grow your business.

Leveraging Video Beyond Zoom

Learn how to leverage video beyond Zoom.

Finance Partnerships: A Smart Choice for Builders

The right financial partnership can make or break a pool build.

Tips for Growing a Pool Company

How to grow a successful pool and spa business.

Does Pay-per-Click Advertising Make Sense for Pool Builders in 2021?

Learn how PPC advertising can improve the profit potential of a builder’s sales leads.

Winning Clients' Hearts and Minds with a Compelling Story

How to win clients’ hearts and minds with a compelling story.

COVID's Permanent Changes: Digital Payment

The construction industry took a quantum leap forward in the use of digital technology due to (now permanent) changes during COVID.

Attract and Retain Vital Employees

Ideas that can help your company hire well and retain workers.

Build Your Database to Smooth Operations and Increase Sales

A powerful customer relationship management system and e-commerce can simplify the shopping process and help to grow your business.

Win Your Prospects With Emotion, Not Logic

When you lead with a customer’s emotional needs and desires, you’ll win their heart and their wallet.

Right on the Money

Price yourself right to ensure your business is profitable.

Which U.S. Cities Have the Most Homes With Swimming Pools?

Pool installations have risen significantly over the pandemic period. We break down new data on the top 30 largest U.S. cities of homes that have swimming pools.

How to Manage Bad News With Your Customers

Leverage the psychology of persuasion when sharing bad news with customers.

The Cornerstone of Your Company Culture

How employee engagement and a great workplace can solve your labor problems and drive profits.

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