Pumps & Motors

The rise of variable speed pumps and enhanced motor technology have completely changed the pool and spa industry by maximizing energy efficiency and cutting the costs of pool ownership. In this section, you can ready up on pump service, selection and sales.



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Pool Builder Blunders: Flex Tubing

Welcome to Pool Builder Blunders, a new series examining common construction missteps, omissions and mistakes.

New Age of Pumps: Selling the Homeowners

In preparation for the 2021 new pump regulations, learn how to successfully sell variable speed pumps.

Tech Notes: Preventing Chlorine Gas Leaks

Learn how to prevent chlorine gas leaks and what protocol to follow should one occur.

The New DOE Pump Regs: Introducing Hydraulic Horsepower

Determine the relative performance of various pump models with hydraulic horsepower.

Weighted Energy Factor (WEF) For Pool Pumps: What You Need To Know

The new DOE pool pump regulations are based on WEF, the fi rst industry-wide effi ciency metric.

Selling Variable Speed

How to read your customer well for a better closing rate and possible upgrades along the way.

Coming Soon: DOE Pump Regulations

Ready or not, the new Department of Energy efficiency standards are fast approaching.

Dawn of the VSP Era

What some would call “the biggest regulatory change the pool industry has ever seen” is here: the DOE regulations.

The New Importance of the Flow Meter

In the age of variable-speed pumps, fl ow meters have become critical and useful tools.

Warming Trends

A look at what dealers and customers feel are the most important attributes when choosing a gas heater or pool pump.

Better, Safer Circulation Upgrades

An overview of circulation upgrades for better, safer pool equipment, pipings and fittings.

Victory of the VSP

Any list of the achievements of the pool industry must include the victory of the variable-speed pump.

Revised Energy Standard Meets DOE Pool Pump Rule

The revised ANSI/PHTA/ICC/-15 energy standard meets the DOE variable-speed pump regulations.

Pump Motor Installation Tips

Some installation tips to help get the longest life possible from pool pump motors.

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