Pool Chemicals

Keeping water clear and balanced can be tricky without a grounding in the basics of pool chemistry. Here, we dig into the fundamentals, explore salt chlorine generators and share how you can overcome common problems along the way.


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The Importance of Swimmer Hygiene

Swimmers can help maintain high-quality pool water and reduce the spread of waterborne diseases by practicing good swimmer hygiene

A Thin, Clear Barrier To Heat and Water Loss

The liquid pool cover is an inexpensive way to keep heat and water in the pool.

Secondary vs. Supplemental Disinfection Systems

The PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee discusses the difference between secondary versus supplemental disinfection systems.

Secondary vs. Supplemental Disinfection Systems

The PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee discusses the difference between secondary versus supplemental disinfection systems.

Misconceptions About Chlorine Demand

Different ways to deal with low sanitizer residual situations.

Metals and Metal Staining

Learn methods to control the introduction of metals into pools and hot tubs and the chemicals used to prevent and remove them.

Chemistry Change Can Signal Leaks

A pool that is losing water is costing you money, time and effort — and it’s affecting water chemistry.

Shock: Oxidation, Superchlorination, Hyperchlorination, and Breakpoint Chlorination

The term shocking covers a vast array of scenarios in swimming pools.

Non-Chlorine Shock: What It Is, What It Does

Pool chemistry expert Ed Lightcap answers your questions on oxidizing contaminants without chlorine, and why that can be a good idea.

The Impact of Chloraminated Tap Water on Pools and Spas

Understanding the impact of chloraminated tap water on pools and spas.

A New Way to Remove CYA?

A promising new method of CYA removal saves you from draining the pool.

Most of What You Need to Know About Chemicals for the Upcoming Season

Follow this rulebook to take good care of your customers’ water this season.

Get Smart

A look at the key players in the emerging in-pool smart sensors category.

What People Are DOING About the Trichlor Shortage

As the industry heads into perhaps its biggest swim season ever, pool companies strategize for the tab shortage.

Strategies for the Chorline Shortage

Explore strategies to the chemical shortage.

Specialty Chemicals for Special Times

An all-inclusive pool maintenance program is the key to success.

Calcium Hypochlorite (cal hypo)

The unique features of calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo).

Rain, Explained

What happens to a swimming pool when it rains? The answer is complicated, but understanding some of the basics can make maintenance easier.

Conserving Pool Water in Times of Drought

Guidance for pool operators coping with drought issues.

Fighting Recreational Water Illnesses

Get to know the germs that cause Recreational Water Illnessess and how to kill them.

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