Pool Chemicals

Keeping water clear and balanced can be tricky without a grounding in the basics of pool chemistry. Here, we dig into the fundamentals, explore salt chlorine generators and share how you can overcome common problems along the way.


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Bromine Chemistry For Spas and Pools

A small guide to using bromine as a substitute for chlorine.

Rash Cause

Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes the majority of skin rashes and infections resulting from pool and spa use

Regulation of Pool and Spa Chemicals and Sanitizing Equipment

A look at how sanitizers kill algae, bacteria and viruses.

Protect Your Pool From Saltwater

A look at the science behind sacrifical anodes.

Water Balance Indexes

The differences between LSI, RSI and the Hamilton Indexes.

66 Million Gallons of Crystal Clear Water: How Do They Do It?

How do these pools manage to maintain 66 million gallons of cystal clear water?

ABCs of Algae

Identify and control all types of algae in pool water.

Lower the Risk of Legionellosis

Legionella, an airborne bacteria, can pose a serious risk to swimmers. Here’s how to prevent it.

The Basics: Boric Acid and Sodium Borates

Boric acid and sodium borates can be used as more than just pH buffers in swimming pools and spas.

Understanding Ammonia & Nitrates

Here's a primer that sorts out some important but lesser-known chemistry issues as they apply to ammonia and nitrates.

The Secret Life of Biofilm

Although most people in the industry have heard of it, few know the risks and mysteries of biofilm.

How to Calculate Pool Volume Using Only Chemistry

When you encounter a pool that falls outside of the normal array of pool shapes, turn to a chemical method to measure volume.

Total Dissolved Solids: The Facts

The rising use of chlorine generators means pool technicians should be on alert for high TDS levels.

Ozone Generating Systems: The Facts

Learn about the creation of the molecule and its place in pool and spa sanitizing.

Chemistry Automation: Always in Command

Innovations in chemical control and automation support water quality, efficient service, effective management and a positive consumer experience.

Tech Notes: Biguanide

Learn more about biguanide and how it's used as an alternative water sanitizer in place of chlorine or bromine.

Swim Spa Purifier Puzzle

We know how to sanitize swimming pools. We know how to sanitize spas. But what about swim spas?

The Great Cyanurate Debate

Concern over elevated CYA levels is challenging long-held beliefs.

Tech Notes: Potassium Monopersulfate

Learn about potassium monopersulfate and its role providing effective non-chlorine oxidation.

Milking and Filtering

Learn how to soften pool water by chemical precipitation.

Algae Wars

Chlorine and basic pool maintenance remain the frontline in the fight to prevent and kill algae, but there's much more to it than that.

CYA and Chlorine in Plain Language

The CMAHC now recommends the ratio of cyanuric acid to free chlorine be reduced from 45-1 to 20-1. Here’s their explanation, in layman’s terms.

Swimming in Spreadsheets: Cyanuric Acid, Ratios and Problematic Models

The Great CYA debate is one that has raged within the pool and spa industry for decades. Now, a new mathematical model has been created and has begun to enter into this debate.

School’s in Session: Teaching Water Chemistry to Homeowners

Teaching pool owners the basics of water chemistry carries significant implications for pool and spa companies, especially retailers.

Bob Lowry: A Practical Take on the "Great CYA Debate"

Water chemistry expert Bob Lowry shares his response to our “Great CYA Debate” panel held at the PSP Expo in New Orleans.

Pool Sanitizing: A Return to the Simple

Learn the practical benefits of liquid sodium hypochlorite.

Adjusting pH and Alkalinity May Not Be as Simple as You Think

Customers can tailor their spa with popular add-ons and accessories, from cover lifters to spa steps to fragrances and more.

Tech Notes: Sodium Hypochlorite, AKA "Liquid Chlorine"

Information on the characteristics, effects and proper application of sodium hypochlorite, otherwise known as bleach.

Three Commercial Pool Crossovers

These major technologies have made the transition from commercial to residential, with room to grow in the next decade.

Chlorine: The Unsung Hero in Times of Crisis

While chlorine has had its ups and downs, it has been a silent savior in times of crisis.

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