As the main line of defense against water contamination, it’s essential for a pool pro to know the ins and outs of filter media. Which filter is right for your next job? You’ll find out in these articles.


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Filtration Nation: October 2019

Cleaning tips and winterizing wisdom for faster service stops and better spring openings.

How They Do It in Europe

What can the U.S. learn about water care from our industry colleagues across the Atlantic?

Three Commercial Pool Crossovers

These major technologies have made the transition from commercial to residential, with room to grow in the next decade.

Save The Backwash

A new invention conserves the thousands of gallons of water lost each year in a pool’s sand fi ter backwash.

Five Filter Boosters

Five basics of filter efficiency to help keep pools and spas clean and clear.

Saving Water at the Filter

The choice of pool filter type impacts water usage, which is important in drought-stricken areas.

Bob's Cool Pool Tips and Tools

Bob’s cool pool tools.

The Brown Lowdown

Avoid a host of problems by following these helpful tips on how to keep filters — sand, cartridge and D.E. — clean.

Research Update: CYA Removal Method Confirmed

A new method of CYA removal has been confirmed with a helpful bonus: It also aids in black algae reduction.


Cleaning water is serious business. Making sure water is safe and clean is not a choice; it’s a MUST!  

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