As a professional in this industry, safety is always on your mind. Have questions on what VGB means to you? Looking for new safety products to sell? Wondering how to make your next pool safer for your customers? You’ll find answers to all your questions here.


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Safety at the Push of a Button

In lieu of soda, these vending machines dispense much-needed safety products.

Getting the Gunk Out

How does flow rate factor into the development of biofilm?

Leak Detection & Home Inspection

A conversation with leak-detection icon Lance Anderson about finding leaks during inspections for homebuyers.

Putting Safety First

Manufacturers are committed to putting homeowners at ease with an array of safety products. Here, take a look at just some of the safety products you can find on the market.

What Would You Do: GPS Tracking Software

How do you track your work vehicles? Industry pros share their insights.

Treating Flooded Pools and Spas

Parts of the U.S. saw significant flooding this spring and summer, which has important ramifications for pool and spa owners. Here's what to do after the storm.

Avoiding Construction Litigation

The key to avoiding a lawsuit, and all the costs and frustration that go with it, is to first understand the nature of conflict and what leads to it in the first place.

Source Water and its Effects on Pool and Spa Maintenance

The quality of the source water is a very important aspect of maintenance.

The Threat of Waterborne Illness: Battling the Bugs

Winning the war against waterborne illness means first understanding the nature of the organisms that can do us the most harm, and consistently deploying treatment methods that are proven to work.

Tech Notes: Wild Animals in the Water

Recreational water can draw in wild animals from surrounding natural areas, bringing with them illness-causing microbes. Carry out these treatments and precautions.

Tech Notes: Preventing Chlorine Gas Leaks

Learn how to prevent chlorine gas leaks and what protocol to follow should one occur.

Stepping Up Safety with PHTA Standard

Everything you need to know about the revised VGBA federal law.

The Importance of Swimmer Hygiene

Swimmers can help maintain high-quality pool water and reduce the spread of waterborne diseases by practicing good swimmer hygiene

Sizing a Safety Cover the Traditional Way, Using Basic Geometry

A step-by-step guide to measuring a pool cover with the traditional A-B method.

Taking Initiative In a Pandemic

The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance is doing everything it can to ensure members continue to thrive during the pandemic and after.

Tech Notes: The Crucial Role of Standards and Codes

Understand the standards and codes that keep pools and spas safe.

Operating Guidelines for a Successful Public Pool and Spa Reopening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidelines for a successful public pool and spa reopening during the global pandemic

Dealing With an Invigorated Osha

Industry pros trying to avoid costly OSHA citations are facing new challenges this year.

Swimming in Natural Environments

Swimming in natural environments can be a dangerous endeavor. Here’s how to mitigate the risk.

Why You Should Order Safety Covers Now

Avoid longer wait times for both you and your customers by placing safety cover orders now.

Coverage Cracks

Not all pool builders have watertight policies. The right insurance specialist can help you fill the gaps in your coverage.

The Drain Cover Law Has Changed

A look at the important new rules surrounding VBGA.

Air Quality for Indoor Pools

The fundamentals of air quality for indoor pools.

New Risks in Workers' Compensation

Employers now find themselves navigating a more complex workers’ comp situation.

Safer Pools Use New Technology and Traditional Approaches

Layers of protection and advanced sensors can help with water safety and prevent drownings.

Testing Methods and Backyard Connectivity

Learn the current major testing methods and new technology of backyard connectivity.

Deadly RWI: Legionellosis

The Legionellosis disease, which got its name from an American Legion convention, invades the lungs via tiny airborne droplets of unsanitized water. It has caused a number of disastrous large scale outbreaks.

Pearls of Pool Service Wisdom

Great advice for running, or just working, a pool service business.

Cracking the Pool Barrier Code

Residential pool fencing can help with drowning prevention and increase water safety.

Dealing With a Storm Surge: Post-Hurricane Pool Service

The weeks following a hurricane can be brutal for pool service technicians. These guidelines will help you navigate the aftermath.

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